Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dylan's 1st Day of Pre-K

The other day Dylan's teacher did a home visit. One of the questions she asked was 

"Dylan, what do you do when you are hungry?"

His response, finally after hiding his face for a few minutes, was to look at me and say
 "I eat your face."

Really child? This kid, I tell you. He loves loves loves to make us laugh by all his silly comments he makes. They make no sense. Ever. And he knows that, but it makes us laugh so he does it.

It wasn't until recently that I thought, maybe we should not laugh at him anymore about this because he is going to go to school and tell another child he is going to "eat their face" and they are going to get upset and then go home and tell their Mommy and then you know where that goes.

So, we are trying to put a stop to the ornery little sayings he has been saying, even if I know it is harmless. Mothers can be crazy if they find out another child at school is saying they are going to eat their child. I know I would be knocking the Principal's door down.

However, I was worried about him last year and he was amazing at school, so I know in my heart that he is going to be just fine this year too. 

What else are mothers supposed to do besides worry about their children 24/7.

This morning was his first day of his second year in Pre-K. 
To say he was excited is an understatement. He wanted NOTHING to do with picture taking. He wanted to be at that school in the classroom with his teacher.

Come on Dylan! Give me a little bit of a smile when your eyes are not so squinted!

Eh. Mommy does not want that string on there anymore. Let's just take that thing off.

Or how about let's give a smile but not look at the camera. Ya know, that's always cool.

Oh okay. Here's a real smile as Drew photbombs the picture.

Or how about a little dance?

Fine Mommy. I'll give a little bit of a decent picture.

I gave up.

We got in the car and headed to take Drew to school.

This year Pre-K was moved to the regular grade school. Which is so exciting! So as I was dropping Drew off at the door he says "Come on Dylan! You can walk in with me!" and tries to take his hand. Dylan was all about it. He was about to jump out of the car with Drew. However, Dylan's drop off time is not the same time as Drew's. Drew was bummed.

They both are so excited to be at the same school. Their classes are literally just feet away from each other. They could not wait to see each other in the hallways.

So with a little bit more bribery as we waited for the doors to unlock for Pre-K, I got a few more pictures.

Kind of.

Here Mom! You want a smile? You gotta smile!

This time he gave me an ultimatum. If he could put the sign up and take his backpack off he would take a picture. So hallelujah, I got one! Even if he is not holding his cute little sign up.

Once I got him all settled (and by settled I mean him not even caring if I am leaving the room or not), I headed out to leave my nugget. He seriously did not have a care in the world. NOTHING like last year where he cried and cried.

While I was in the hallway lo and behold, Drew rounded the corner. It was like we both were shocked to see each other and ran toward one another for hugs. He was doing big 1st grader duties and taking the lunch count to the cafeteria for his teacher. He looked so big. I can not even explain. My goodness. Eeeek.

I just love my kids. I could seriously talk about them all day if someone didn't just shut me up.

Dylan had a great 1st day he said.

And I didn't get any kind of note saying he was going to eat someone.

But really...look at this mean face.
 After all this picture taking this morning he probably really wanted to eat my face. :)

Brista Barrington

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