Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I spent the night with my favorite guy...

Last night?! 
My goodness. 
Favorite. Cardinals. Game. Ever!

I have never been more excited for a professional baseball game in my life. 

NELLY night at the Cardinal Stadium, say what?!

Well heck ya, the #1 fan was going to be there!

I was already bummed because I had to miss not only ONE but TWO concerts he had close to home because we were on our cruise. I would be lying if I said I did not consider canceling the trip just to see him. However, I knew the husband would not like it. Ba-hum-bug.

I guess since I thought I was in STL I would have to fight for a bobble head, so literally I was dragging Drew through the crowd to get the thing.You had to purchase a special ticket to get the bobble head, well to my disappointment, this did not include our season tickets. So..yep, you guessed it. I purchased a whole separate ticket.

 Gosh, I seriously have problems. I sound like a stalker.

But really people, I am obsessed with him.

When he came out and they started playing his music...
Oh my goodness..
I looked at my husband with my eyes lit like I was about to jump up and down like a little school girl at a Justin Bieber concert.
He just looked at me and shook his head in embarrassment.

It was ALL Nelly, ALL night long. It was fan-freakin-amazeballs.

It's the longest I have ever wanted to stay at a game!! ;)

Of course, my little nuggets tagged along and stayed busy eating peanuts, hot dogs, and ice cream treats.

Can they seriously have a Nelly night every season?  

Brista Barrington

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