Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dylan's Fishing Birthday Party Recap

I really did not want to have a party for Dylan. Until I told him we weren't having one and he balled his eyes out. 
"I want my burfday party at Grawndpa Bruce's."
 Ugh. So party it was.

I did, however, vow to not spend a whole lot of money on it. I have become super cheap these days and feel like I have wasted so much money on party decor in the past.
 I now feel like it's all about the entertainment!

So I called upon one of my favorite places to party shop: Lauren Haddox Designs for his invite.

Is this not the most darling invite??

Since I was all about not spending lots of money. I kept the decor very very simple. 

I did get a little crafty and spray painted some lanterns to look like bobbers. They totally made the decor! I also filled up some vases and mason jars I already had with water and threw some blue die in them, and floated a bobber. 
Woo hoo.
Way to craft it up Brista!

Well I guess I kind of got crafty with the banners as well. I had to snap on the bobbers to string that I already had. Took a whole 2 minutes. But I have to say that was probably my favorite part of the decor. Just a simple bobber banner.

And can we just talk about the cake for a second? My goodness. Larry's House of Cakes did a fabulous job! They sent the cake to a store that was closer for me to pick up and all the workers were coming from the back just to see it and take pictures of it.
 It was seriously ahhh-mazing.

Dylan wanted a bass on top of his cake. Why? I don't know. He's not a normal boy.
And the way they did the water? Eeeek!!!
The girl who did this is just beyond talented! I really did not want anyone to eat the cake.
I wanted to just stare at it all day.

They also did these amazing cake balls into bobbers for me as well.
Which were amaze-balls.
 Haha. Get it?
Yeh, I'm a dork.

Want to see what I baked for the party??

Woo hoo!!! Chocolate cupcakes from a box with worms. Hey, I'm not a baker. In fact, while I was making these I could not figure out why the batter was so thick.
Yeh, I forgot the water. :)
Don't worry peeps who ate them, I added the water.

That's a wrap on decor. I spent less than $100 on everything. And I kind of like to say I spent even cheaper because Dylan wants a fishing room and I get to re-use some of the items. :)

I definitely wanted to do a Fish Fry for the party. Little did I know how much hard work went into it. Good thing I didn't do it. Haha. My Dad, his friend Roman, and Justin's dad fried all the food.
Good ol' fried fish, pickles, onion rings, and fries.
Gettin all our friends nice and fat! :)
The food was beyond amazing!
They did such a great job.

My sister even hopped in and helped and grilled some hot dogs for the non-eating fish folk.

I was a little worried about having the party an hour away from home. But Dylan was very very sure he wanted his party at Grandpa Bruce's farm so all his friends could fish and hunt with him. I was very thankful our family and friend's took the drive to spend the day with us.
It was very much appreciated!

All the kids had a blast fishing. Drew was the first to catch a fish first thing. 

Then came Dylan.

We could have fished and fished and fished for hours. Well, Dylan could have anyways.

Excuse our sweaty red faces. It was like 100 degrees outside!

Dyl made this face while everyone was singing to him? As crazy as he is, he gets kind of shy too. Hard to believe, I know.

After cake and presents all the kiddos headed out in their swim trunks for some fun in the water. My Mom brought an inflatable water slide , from Southern Illinois Inflatable Party Rentals, for the kids since the weather was supposed to be icky hot.
Thank goodness.
It was a perfect ending to the party for the kiddos.

I was so very happy how the party turned out!
 Simple, cheap, and fun is definitely the way to go!!

Brista Barrington

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