Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sweet Sweet Child of Mine, Drew

Today? It's all about Drew. My sweet sweet sweet boy, Drew. 

Do you ever feel that sometimes your focus has to go onto one child more than the other? I feel that way with my boys sometimes because Dylan requires my attention a little bit more than Drew. You never know when that child is going to drop his pants and go streaking. 

I also feel like I often need Drew to act a little bit older. I feel so bad for that. I have to stop myself sometimes and remember that he too is still a little boy and requires lots of Mommy attention.

I have no worries about him though. He is seriously the-most-kind child ever. He has a heart of gold. He is always always worried about others before himself. And he is only SIX. He had to have learned it from somewhere, right? It makes me feel so so so good that he has grown up to be this awesome caring little boy. It makes us as parents feel like we have done something right.

It was not easy to get here. We had a few tough years with Drew. (Ahem...crazy 2's.) We had lots of not listening and not paying attention. We had lots of people looking at us thinking that I had a child who never behaved. But ya know what, he was still a baby at that point. He was still in the learning age. 

I think some people are so quick to judge parenting. There is no wrong or right way to do things. Every single child is different in the way they learn, behave, and act. For instance, time-outs? Never ever worked for Drew. Counting to 3. Totally worked. Heck, I still do it. Once I started counting, I never got to 3. Sometimes, I got to 2 1/2. Ha. 

And look at where he is now? He has turned out to be an amazing amazing kid. 
Just a few examples of his loving heart.

Whenever I ask him what he wants for dinner, his reply 95% of the time is: "Whatever you want for dinner." Like, this child is the pickiest eater on Earth and he wants what I want? I often tease him and throw out some random crazy food items. 
He says Yes, but in all reality I know I'll be cooking him some dino nuggets.

The love this child has for his brother is indescribable. I just get chills thinking about their brotherly bond. Dylan started his first sport a few weeks ago, Soccer. What does his big brother Drew do? He literally runs up and down the field coaching his little brother telling him what to do. It is by far the sweetest thing I have EVER seen. It totally brings me to tears when I think about.

Yesterday, as we were going through book bags I pulled out his library book. He told me that he got a book for Dylan because he knew Dylan would love it. Seriously???
Melt my heart a little more please.

Selfless? Totally.

See. He is always so happy to make others happy. I, myself, am that way too. I love to please others and make others smile. I am so glad that this is a trait that my child has as well.

I love to be able to document this so I can look back and remember these sweet moments.

I love when he comes up to me and tells me he loves me out of no-where.

I love his big tight (super tight) hugs.

I love his sweet little voice.

I love his love for his family.

I love when he sings in the shower.

I love to hear his laugh.

I love to see his smile.

I love to see him do his spinarooni's on the dance floor.

I love everything about him.

 To be where he is now in life, I just can NOT wait to see the person he becomes in a few years, five years, ten years...

Brista Barrington

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