Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013 Recap...

I was in such a bahumbug funk this Christmas. 
I just could not get into the Christmas spirit. My decor was slacking. Our outside lights had blown out and I had no desire to get new ones. 
I think I was just so ready for this year to be over it that I just was not that into it.

BUT, once it got a little closer ol' Scroogey left and I got into the spirit for a few days!

We started Christmas festivities by attending our downtown Christmas celebration.
One of my favorite things to do in this town. It was super cold and rainy this year, but the rain held off just enough for us to enjoy the festivities.

The boys met Santa Claus. Drew was in love. Dylan, not so much...

We mailed letters to Santa and made Christmas ornaments.

I just love going downtown. I look forward to it every year. 
Hopefully the weather will be a little better next year!

Then we had parties galore! Work parties, kids parties, you name it. One of the parties the hubs and I were two of the four calling birds. It was so much fun!

Drew was super cute in his Christmas Program for about oh' two seconds. He was over it. He sang and did was he was supposed to do, but you could tell he was like "is this thing over yet?!" haha.

We had breakfast with Santa. Always so fun. We had about 25 people attend with us and we shared the room with Santa. ALL boys. I think they all may have left on the naughty list. Hahaha.

We celebrated Christmas with my Dad at my house. I love entertaining, so it was so nice to have all of my family here at my home with me. 

My Dad got the boys a remote control helicopter which was a major hit.

Christmas Eve this year was a little hard to schedule. My Mema's Christmas turned out to be the same time as plans we do every year. But we decided to be with my Mema this year with all the loss we had. It was important for me to be with my family at least on Christmas Eve or Christmas. 
I am so glad we decided to go. It was a great, emotional time.

We got back into town and headed to my in-laws for some more Santa time.

Got home, put our jammies on and tried to get a picture. However, two of my little boys wanted to wrestle instead. Whateva works.

Christmas is so much fun with kids. I do not know how it happens, but it just gets better and better every single year. It just does. This year Dylan was really really into the Elf on the Shelf. He caught me off my game quite a few times, like when Jingles didn't leave until 3 days after Christmas. Oopsie. Oh well, lots of excuses went down in the Barrington household regarding that little Jingles guy.

Anywho, Christmas morning was so fun. We woke the boys up and enjoyed each present.
Hearing their excitement opening each gift makes that Christmas spirit enter right into your body. Haha. 
My favorite quote of the morning was from Dylan:

"Wow. I can't believe Santa knew to bring me fishing poles."

He was in such shock. And like he didn't tell Santa "he only wanted a fishing pole and that's it." 

By far my favorite gift this year was a gift I kept secret to myself for ALL of my boys. Ya see, I live in a basketball house. All basketball, all the time. It's inescapable. (Is that I word?!)

Anywho, I got the boys Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls tickets!
I was so excited to give them this present. It was so hard to keep it a secret. Many a times I wanted to just let them open it early.

I had also got them Miami Heat shirts. I had planned to have them all open at once and underneath Justin's would be the tickets. I marked (or thought I marked) the presents with special bows. But I didn't. I totally messed it all up. Drew opened his present early because I didn't have the bow on the correct present and threw it all off. Blah. So upset with myself.

But they LOVED it regardless. We can't wait to go!

After we unwrapped all the gifts, Mommy gets busy in the kitchen cooking a breakfast feast. We eat up and then head to my in laws.

I miss my family on Christmas. Times like this make me want to move back to Harrisburg. 

It was an exhausting day, but it was fun to just come back home and sit and let the boys play with all their new presents. We had planned on going to the movies that night, but I think we all were laying in bed at like 7:00. Ha.

And of course, ya know we had a little photoshoot. Except this time, the boys just were not that into it. Must of been that bahumbug'ish rubbing off on them.

We finished off Christmas by celebrating with my Mom the Sunday after Christmas. 

Whew. So glad all that is over. My Christmas Tree was down the day after Christmas. 
I was so happy to get it down this year. 
Hopefully next year I can become a little bit more cheerful and in a better Christmas spirit! :)
Brista Barrington

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