Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Heat Wave Tuesday.

One of my favorite days of the week...TUESDAYS!!!

Why? Well obviously because I am not at work AND I get to spend the day with my boys!

Once I picked up Dylan from pre-school I was determined to not be doing anymore of this...

And a whole lot more of being outside...

This child missed his tractor. 

He was in heaven being outside. He is the most outdoors'ey boy there is. Nothing makes him happier.

Just a few little runs in the yard and bam, smack into the mud he goes.

But that didn't stop him. Oh no, it didn't.

We picked up bubby from school and first thing Drew asked was to play outside. Thank goodness.

I have been sick for two weeks and just woke up feeling better this morning, so I am tired of being cooped up in this house. Plus, I'm so over Winter.

Who is this boy? For real? I mean, where did the freakin' time go. He looks so stinkin' big!!!! I can't.

The boys decided to have a little one on one basketball game. Drew teaching Dylan how to play is just the cutest thing. Like father, like son.

It felt good to get outside today. It felt good to get my real camera back out and snap some pictures.

We wrap up ALL basketball this week!

It's kind of bittersweet. I haven't had a husband since November and I have been single Mom'ing it, so it's going to feel quite strange to get back into the swing of things and actually have a partner to help me with things.
That is until AAU Basketball starts...

I tell ya. If I only were a basketball....

Brista Barrington

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life Lately...

This weather. I am soooo over it. 

Winter used to be my favorite. Not so much anymore. I am tired of being couped up in the house and I am tired of my dead looking grass.

Never would have thought I would say this, but: I am SO ready for Summer!!!

The Barrington's have not been doing too much lately. 

I started back at Crossfit. But since Justin is at basketball 24/7 I have to take my little guys with me each time. Which can be kind of hard sometimes when the littlest hits the other in the eye with a jump rope mid work out. 

Yes. That little one right there that said "Mommy! Look, I'm flying!!!"

Is basketball going to be over soon???
Gosh, I hope so! I only have a few more weeks of the struggles of a Coach's wife.

But then AAU starts and that means no husband on the weekends.
Ugh. I tell ya, basketball is a 24/7, 365 day thing in our household.

Speaking of basketball we headed back to Kentucky for Drew's team. There is just something different about watching your own kids play. I find myself cheering very loudly in the crowds. Something I never would have expected.
The boys are addicted to their i-Pod mini's and the X-Box. More specifically they are addicted to Minecraft. And even more specifically they love to watch the Minecraft YouTube videos.

I was going to try a photography challenge this year. Some kind of 365 day photo challenge where you take a picture every single day. Yeh, that did not last long. That's so hard to do!

We had a full crazy house the other night for the WWE Royal Rumble.
 It was full of lots and lots of boys!

January is always a not so busy month for us. I love it. I, however, do not love the weather.
We are thinking of surprising the boys with a quick trip to Disney World on their Spring Break.
 I am having major Disney withdrawals!!
 I am also having major vacation'itis!!!

Bring on SUMMER!!! 

Brista Barrington