Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh Hey Lebron! {Chicago Weekend Getaway}

One thing I sure do love is weekend getaways just the four of us. 
There's nothing better.

Nothing better than just being surrounded by the ones you love the most and the ones you just can not get enough of. 
And to top it all off by being in one your favorite cities!

For Christmas last year I bought Justin and the boys Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat basketball tickets. 

The boys are obsessed with Lebron and Derrick Rose. So it was a perfect game for them to see both of them!

We took off Saturday morning so we could spend the day in Chicago. People think I am crazy, but I love love love Chicago in the dead of Winter. I just feel like it should be cold when I visit there. 

We ate lunch at a hot dog place that someone recommended called Portillo's.
It was a neat place for the kids.
They weren't too fond of the "sprinkles" on their hot dog bun and quite honestly I was not either, but overall it was a nice place to try.
And because Dylan has the need to strike wrestling poses...
After lunch we taxi'd over to Millennium Park for some ice skating!
First of all if I ever need to get my boys to be quite I just need to shove them into a taxi. They were dead silent holding onto me tight. Scared of the driver?? I guess so. Towards the end of the day, they started warming up and became more comfortable with taxi cab ridin'.
Ya'll. Ice skating was sooooo hard. I literally never let go of the side. Wow. So hard.
 But it was still so fun.
And it makes for awesome pictures, which of course I LOVE. 
We definitely are going to have to up our game in the ice skating department. 
After we ice skated we were going to take the boys to the Aquarium but BOO it closed early!!

So they ran around by the bean for a few minutes.

I just seriously can not get enough of Chicago. I love walking around in the cold air all bundled up down the busy city streets. I just seriously love every single bit of it. Justin and I always wonder what it would be like to move up to Chicago and live. 

When we got back to the hotel, we did not really have dinner plans. I had the hardest time trying to find a nice place to eat that was kid friendly and that was not already booked up, so we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe. Woo hoo. #sarcasm

The boys got to swim when we got back to the hotel and we all crashed. 
Well, everyone but Dylan and I crashed: we were awoken twice by a hotel party next door. 

The next day was the day the boys had been waiting for....LEBRON TIME!

The game was really so much fun. MUCH BETTER than any Cardinal game or any other sporting event I have been to. Just so much fun, even if our seats were so very high.
It was a great game we went to as well. It ended up going into overtime. Lebron lost and Dylan was quite upset. He curled up in his seat with pouty lips and was genuinely upset that he lost. 

Overall, it was a fantastic little trip. The boys had a blast at the game.

I want my boys to be able to experience all kinds of different things in life and being able to take them to see their favorite ball players (even though Derrick Rose was hurt) was such a great blessing.

I can not wait to experience many more "first" with them!!

I recorded little video snip'its. Or tried to at least. 
The boys were beyond amazed by the tall buildings. 
Like they had never seen them before?? Ha.

Brista Barrington