Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dylan's 1st T-Ball Practice

Oh my precious precious Dylan.

This child has the best, most hilarious, sweet personality. 

And to see him SOOOOOO excited about his first t-ball practice just made my heart tingle like no other.

He had his batting bag and was ready TO GO!

He headed straight to the dug out without a worry at all. Got his gear ready and headed straight to the field.

Sweet big brother Drew wanted to help Coach. We call him Junior Coach.

Once they started practicing we both were very shocked by how good he was. We knew he knew what he was doing because of always being around big brother, but he really really knew what he was doing! :)

Junior Coach Drew aka Big Brother, couldn't quite grasp that he was supposed to the let the kids actually catch the ball and just back them up. So he got moved to be 1st base coach quickly. Haha. Poor little guy, he was just trying to help.

Dylan was so so so so excited to bat. I mean, that's the best part, right???

I shouldn't have been surprised he was making dives to catch the balls! Haha.

One the best parts is Justin is coaching with his friends and their two little boys.

Does he not just look like such a  little stud??? Omgoodness. I just can't.

I can not wait for his t-ball season to start!!

Now both of my boys are in baseball!! It's going to be such a FUN summer!!!
Brista Barrington

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My favorite boys...

The weather is finally bearable to be outside! Hallelujah!

When we got home from work yesterday, we were outside all night. It was great. 

First dinner of the season out on the patio, bikes out, working in the yard. Spectacular. 

And of course I had my camera attached to my hip. It's my third baby. 

I just recently upgraded cameras so I have really had this new guy attached to my hip 24/7. I didn't get my dream camera, BUT I'm happy I finally could upgrade.

Which means my little models are back at it!

It's not secret I have always had an obsession with photography. But my most favorite thing about photography is a great black and white image. While editing, I just swoon once I turn the picture black and white. I try not to make them all black and white, but I just can't help it! Love it! I do save them in color too just in case, which is unlikely, that I get out of this black and white phase.
AND, I finally figured out how to fix it to where my black and white pictures do not look sepia on my blog. PTL. #ihatesepia

These boys are such great models.

Doesn't Duke look so thrilled???? Haha.

We are so excited for this nice weather and everything we have going on this summer. 

Lots of trips planned and LOTS of sports for these two little sport'maniacs!

Can't wait to cheer on my favorite boys!!!

Brista Barrington