Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Drew's 7th Birthday Party!

I had plans to do a super cute baseball theme for Drew's party. Then I decided, nah....I'm not doing anything. Can I just say how much less stressful it is when you aren't stressing about decor and themes?? Wow. 

When I told people I was not doing anything but buying cupcakes they were like "yeh, right. you'll do something." Nope. I did exactly opposite. I did not even buy a balloon. I'm proud of myself.
The forecast was not looking too good all week. We booked a gym as back up. 
The morning of the party came a total downpour. We had to make the decision to let everyone know the party was moved because of rain. :(

BUT THEN...after lunch and horseback riding, it turned out to be a beautiful day!
I told Justin that I wanted to change it back to the house. LOL.
So I did just that and so happy I did! 

After a short little shower the weather could not have been any more perfect!

My mom brought over an obstacle course and a dunk tank from her business,  
Southern Illinois Inflatable Rentals
How lucky am I to get to have these at each party??

Towards the beginning of the party, I was stressing just a little because over our house the sky was literally split in between sunny skies and gray clouds. Luckily, we just got hit with a small shower, but it was awesome for the boys.
Baseball in the rain?? 
Of course! What's more fun than that!
We sang Happy Birthday, of course...

Look at all those happy smiley faces on the birthday boy. He was having such a good time with all his friends and classmates, which made for one happy mama!

After singing it was time for the DUNK TANK!
Drew got his Dad dunked first thing!
The water was so so so cold.
But he was a good sport and let all the kids have a turn to try and dunk him.

Then a couple of the little kids wanted to get dunked.
I was hesitant, but I let him do it.

Some of the kids ended the night with a sunset baseball game.
Sometime within the party Dylan had a wardrobe change to shorts only...
Oh Dylan...

This was such an easygoing, fun, activity filled party. 
Drew had such a great time. 
It could not have turned out anymore perfect and we hope everyone had just as great as time as we did!

And just one final picture of all my favorite Mamas...

Brista Barrington


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