Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slip n' Slide Fun

Oh how I wish we had a pool.

In our next forever dream house, we WILL have a pool. 
I vote pool over basement any day.

But, since we do not have a pool...a slip n slide it is.

The boys love it!!! 

So one Tuesday while I was off it was off to Target to find a slip n' slide to enjoy for the day.
I found this super cute baseball field slip n' slide the boys just HAD to get!
It was a hit!


Brista Barrington

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Recap

This Father's Day I decided to do something different...

And special...

The boys and I made this video for Justin to show him on Sunday.

I watched it 284 times before I even let him see it and cried each time.

I just love how it turned out.

My Dad lives about 3 hours away from us. And works 6 hours away. He works in Kansas City during the week then drives to his home in St. Louis on the weekends.
 So I was sure we needed to go see him on Father's Day.

I feel like I never get to see him anymore since he switched jobs to Kansas City. 
So we headed to meet him in St. Louis at one of our favorite restaurants, Maggiano's, for lunch.
It was a great relaxing day.

We ended our night at the in-laws and came home and crashed into bed! 

PS- You may be wondering why Dylan has a huge bandaid across his head.

That is because he face planted into the concrete the night before.

So, he has a nice shiner.
And let me also tell ya, taking that band aid off was KILLER!!!

Broke my heart to pieces.

He is much better now, but since vacation is in a few weeks we will either still have the boo boo showing or we will have a boo boo tan line for beach pictures.

Good thing I can edit pics! :) 
Brista Barrington

Life Lately...

Catching up through another Life Lately post...

It was a bittersweet last day of school this year. Drew had an amazing 1st grade teacher who we really liked. I wish he could have her for years over and over. 
And can we just say how old does it sound to say he will be in 2nd Grade?? 
My goodness. Just does not seem possible!

Dylan thinks he is going to Kindergarten. 
Hate to break his little heart when I have to tell him he has one more year of Pre-School.
He is so beyond ready to be a big time Kindergartner.

We began the Summer with a few friendly dates with friends.
We attended a movie night with the kiddos. The movie was Frozen.
Not my cup of tea. Maybe because I am a boy mom, but I find this movie totally annoying.
I'm sure girl moms find the WWE annoying as well. So what can I say?? :)

Dylan got to enjoy his first Tri-C parade with his buddies.

We have hit up a Cardinal Game.

We have played some serious ninja.

And one of the boys favorite things, that was totally their idea, is family bike rides.

The husband and I attended one of our friend's graduation parties where I got to let my hair down and let loose.

We got to meet Baby Emma! Our friends were blessed with a gorgeous baby girl!

Dylan, of course, fishes every single day. 
Including setting up his chair on his bed to practice casting while watching TV.

Trying to keep the iPad away from this next kid is a challenge. 
He would be on this thing 24/7 if we did not set time limits.

He will take time away from his iPad to play some golf.
He loves golf, so we decided to put him in golf camp like his Daddy did when he was little. 
His favorite camp so far. 
He even said it needs to be longer!

And can we just talk about how seriously handsome this little fella is???
Oh my. Just can't. 
Just can't take it.

 Eeeeeeek. Too adorbs!!!

And of course we have had many many wrestling matches.
Some think I am crazy for letting this go down.
But who care what they think?? :)))

And I also have this child who likes to wear his underwear backwards.
And thinks it's funny...

That's pretty much our life thusfar.

Our schedule is jam packed with Drew's baseball until we leave for vacation in just a few weeks!

We are so ready to do a whole lot of relaxation at the beach!!
Brista Barrington