Monday, June 16, 2014

Baseball Fun.

Dylan has wrapped up his t-ball season which makes him super sad. 
He loved loved loved loved to play.
Our t-ball seasons are way too short especially to someone like Dyl who loves to play the game. 

It was bittersweet for Drew too as he has to wait a whole other year to help Coach his brother.
This was by far the sweetest thing ever. He was so excited and eager to help Coach. 
Best big brother EVER!

This picture cracks me up. Drew is so excited for Dylan.
Dylan got his 1st OUT!!! 
Like, a real out! It was so awesome!

Even though we are sad Dylan's t-ball season is over, we still get in plenty of baseball time with Drew who now plays on two different teams. He plays on an in town league and also a travel team.

He is loving it! 
He is a big Molina fan so any chance he gets to play catcher he is all about it!
And I happen to think him being catcher is like the cutest.thing.eva.

His baseball is a lot more fun this year and nerve racking at the same time.
It's like real baseball now. Say what?? Drew is now playing real baseball?? 
Wow. He is getting too big.

While some families do not like to spend their summers at the ball park, we happen to want to do nothing else! It is so exciting and so fun to watch the boys do something they love. 
And as long as they love it, that's all the matters! :)
Brista Barrington

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