Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer of Sports...

It has come that time where my summer is being filled with non-stop sports. 
Can't complain one bit about it either. 
I LOVE watching my boys play. 

This year was Dylan's 1st t-ball season. He had an absolute blast playing! His big brother was beyond thrilled to help coach his team too. Little Jr. Coach we called him. It melted my heart for him to be excited to help. Nothing better than a brotherly bond...

And of course, we have Drew in baseball as well. 
He loves playing baseball and he is really starting to get into the actual game of it.
Which makes me finding myself getting into it more too! #whowouldathought

And then we have the beloved Cardinal games. It is a whole lot more fun to go to nowadays being the boys are into it now. They are big MOLINA fans!

And...a few more phone pics just because the picture of Drew watching Molina bat made it to the jumbatron! 

Our summer is sure to be filled with LOTS more baseball!!!

Brista Barrington

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