Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#bestievacation2014 {Day Five}

Little did we know day five would be our last beach day.

Boo weather!
We had plans to take the kids snorkeling Saturday morning. Then we were going to take our boys fishing sometime that day too. However, with 100% chance of rain, it was all canceled! And with the weather forecast being so awful all day Saturday we decided to just go ahead and come home since we planned on leaving early Sunday morning anyways.
Which meant not only no fishing and snorkeling, but also NO DONUT HOLE tradition Sunday morning!
Such a HUGE bummer.

I went on this trip promising the kids some fishing time and we didn't get any.
I hate breaking promises. :(

We didn't really spend the whole day on the beach the last day. Drew went back up early with Justin to the room and it was just Dylan and I the rest of the day. 

My absolute favorite image from the next few pictures are of Dylan playing "shark." Gosh, I totally remember doing this when I was little and it was so fun! 

We went for an early dinner this night so we would be able to get back and get ready to take some beach family pictures.

The Back Porch is always a must do for us when we are in Destin.

Unfortunately, there was no beautiful sunset that evening for my oh so exciting family picture time.
I'm a sucker for a good sun haze and this dang overcast came out of NO WHERE!!!

Oh well, whatcha gonna do?!?! :)

Overall it was such a great, relaxing trip! One for the memory books for sure.

We made it home just a little after midnight Saturday night after a LONG day of traveling. Daddy got some Chick-fil-A on the way home, so that excited him! (Weird, I know.)

We can not wait to do it again in a few more years.

It's so fun to look back and see how much things have changed and how big our kids have gotten from vacation to vacation!

Til' next time! 

Brista Barrington