Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A little taste of a GIRL MOM...

I am so lucky to be blessed with such amazing friends in my life.

I have my wonderful friends I have been friends with for years and then I have developed more wonderful close friendships with new girlfriends in a new town! 

These new girlfriends of mine have become so close. We text each other non-sense messages 17398392 times a day. We have quite an obsession with emojis. We have about 56 different group messages. We can not go a day without talking to each other. If we do, something is terribly wrong. They were all there for me so so so much this past year when it was the most horrible year of my life. It is just wonderful feeling to know I have such great friends!!

I also love their children like I love my own nieces and nephews.
Which is why I was SO excited to spend the day with Miss Lyla.

I have the boy mom thing down. 
Girl Mom? Not so much.
But hey, she did not make me watch Frozen! 

I had to put my little creative thinking cap on when it came to entertaining her.
We spent the day swimming, reading just about every.single.book in the house, eating oreos and milk like she had never eaten before, fixing hair, playing "barbies" with John Cena and other WWE wrestlers, and most importantly:

It was so so so much fun!
My closet is a disaster, but still so fun!
So, Mommy, I hope you enjoy these pictures!!

Now, off to do more boy mom things! 
I can hear my three boys playing baseball in the living room now....

Brista Barrington

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