Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Forts & Front Teeth...

This Summer has went by super duper fast.
I have really really really enjoyed my Tuesday's home with the boys, as I do every summer vacation!
We have done many of things including building forts...

Such an easy way to please the boys!

Drew lost his 1st top tooth finally! 
That sucker had been loose for so long!

But finally it decided to come out mid peanut butter sandwich.

I was so dreading the top tooth coming out. I was afraid he would look like some kind of hillbilly. But I think he looks mighty cute! :)

And ya'll?!?!
I should have been recorded the other day at Drew's travel baseball game.
Man, it was intense. It was such a great day of baseball.
I am officially "that" Mom in the crowd and I LOVE IT!!!

Drew also attended the SIU Basketball Camp this year.
He had a great time and I really feel like he learned a lot.

The kids had a blast walking around getting the coaches and players autographs.

And we of course had to get his favorite Saluki's autograph...

I can't believe the kids start back to school in just a month!
That's so crazy!

This month is going to be c-razy with our jam packed trip filled weeks ahead! 

This year is 1/2 way over....
Brista Barrington

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