Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Brandy & Chandler

I usually just stick to gushing over my boys on this ol' space herre.

However, today I am showing off some pictures I took of my sister and nephew a few weeks ago.

Oh my. I die. Like, seriously. 

I love them all, but I am sharing some of my absolute faves!!! 

Hope y'all enjoy as much as I do! :) 

Brista Barrington

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cousin Benny's Wedding {Birmingham}

A few weeks ago we traveled for an extended weekend to Birmingham for Cousin Benny's wedding!

We were so excited for a weekend away to celebrate with the boys. We had a jam packed schedule filled with lots of wedding activities.

Can I just say, I LOVE southern weddings?!?!
 Oh my goodness...
It was a beyond gorgeous wedding.
It was a beyond gorgeous weekend, period.

We left after work on a Thursday night to drive in the most awful weather ever. It rained on us for 1/2 of our trip. And not just a little rain, DOWNPOURS!
 At one point, we were driving into a black cloud.
But we survived...

Finally, we made it to Birmingham about 11:15 that night and went straight to sleep!!
The next day, my mother in law and I met at Heather's bridal luncheon.
It, of course, was beautiful with wonderful food and wonderful views of the mountains.

 While the girls were at the luncheon, the boys went with Ben to take a tour of the sports facilities at UAB where Cousin Benny works. 

 Right after the wonderful luncheon we headed to the Vulcan where the rehearsal dinner was taking place later that night to help decorate.

The views at this place are gorgeous.
 Pictures do not do justice...

After decorating, we went back to the hotel to relax for just a little bit then get ready for rehearsal.

The rehearsal dinner was beautiful!

It's fun to see weddings in a different area because they do things a little different.

All the speeches were made at the rehearsal dinner and there were over 100 guests!

Justin spoke and did a fabulous job!
His speech was my favorite! ;)

The next day Justin met Ben and the rest of the groomsmen for breakfast while the boys and I slept until like 10:30am.
We shut the blinds and crashed! 
It felt ahhhhmazing!

We then ordered room service and went swimming for a bit before getting ready for the wedding.

Annnnddd...on our way to the wedding we HAD to do an elevator selfie. Hehe.

The boys were soooo stinkin' cute in their wedding outfits.
They do not like to dress up and wear "fancy" outfits as they say, but they seriously had NO arguments with me over getting "fancy" for Cousin Benny's wedding.
They must really like him! Haha.

They were perfect during the ceremony! Hardly a peep.
Dylan was not a fan of the bag pipe's loudness though...

But seriously...the kids were great.
And like the cutest things I have ever seen!

The wedding was beautiful!

After the reception we headed to The Summit Club in downtown Birmingham.

Of course I took advantage of the downtown scenery for some pictures...

The reception was on the 31st Floor.
31st Floor People!!
I thought that elevator was going to shoot out of the top of the building!
Whew! That was a ride!

But when we got to the top, it was beyond the most beautiful reception.
The views were amazing.
The decor was FABULOUS.
The food was great.
The band was awesome.

Now, let me tell ya something.
My kids are usually dancing fools!
However, they refused to dance. 
Like one time I was trying to drag them on the dance floor.
They weren't giving in.

Then it became a big game of let's try and pull Mommy and that became no fun.
All Dylan wanted to do was to have me spin him around in circles.

We were getting no where with this whole dancing thing...

They had a Motown band which was awesome!

After the reception, Ben & Heather headed out under a fabulous light of fireworks!

 We had a great weekend celebrating this new marriage and are so happy for Ben & Heather! 

Thank you for letting Justin be a part of your day!
We enjoyed every minute!

Brista Barrington