Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mommy-Kiddo Trip

My girlfriends and I started a little tradition last year to do a Mommy-Kiddo trip to Holiday World each summer. 
This year we left earlier the day before so we could have a zoo day.
My oh my.
It was a HOTT one!

But the kids had a blast. The kids rode paddle boats (killlllleeerrr in 100 degree weather) and bumper boats. 
They fed the giraffe which was the best part!
It was so hot we let the kids run around in the end through the water to cool off.
I wish I was a kid and could do that! :)

After the zoo we grabbed some lunch and finished our trip to the hotel!

The kids swam like little fishies in the hotel pool, we grabbed a late dinner, and off to bed!

The next day, we spent all day in Holiday World!
The kids had a great time.

Drew rode his first wooden roller coaster. He says it was his favorite, however, he also said it made him feel like he was going to puke. Haha. Not gonna lie, it made me really sick too.
Not a fan of wooden roller coasters herre.

Drew also lost his second top tooth mid-Splashin' Safari.
So, yep, I carried a tooth in my purse ALL day.

 Dylan's favorite was the Turkey Tilt-a-Whirl.
We rode it three times. That is a whole lot of spinning.

It ended up being super cold though so we wrapped up the water park festivities pretty early in the day to ride some more rides!

Overall, another successful Mommy-Kiddo trip.

Til' next year....
Brista Barrington

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