Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sleepovers & Summer Days..

Summer Days are dwindling down...

School has started and our crazy summer schedule has come to an end.

Drew had his first sleepover this Summer.
I wondered when those days would start and 2nd grade is the answer!

I was not quite ready to send him off over night, so instead we invited his friend to stay with us. 
Thank you anxiety. I know, I gotta get a grip!

Anywho-now it's like an everyday question if he can have someone stay the night.

Now that our schedule has slowed down for a few weeks, I predict a lot of sleepovers in the future!

Our summer literally flew by. 
I mean, seriously, where did it go???

We did lots and lots of things, but my favorite days are just sitting in our backyard playing.

The boys play wiffle ball with their Daddy like everyday. 
They love their Daddy so much.

He plays ball with them & Mommy gets to snap wonderful pictures of these moments and memories that they will cherish forever! :) 

Brista Barrington

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