Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Dylan!!

Timothy Dylan Barrington...

My little sweet and spunky boy. It is so hard to be around this boy without a smile on your face. He keeps us laughing all the time with his constant made up stories and funny facial expressions. He has a personality all his own and we love him so much for that.

He is the most ornery little thing who has a love, or I would say obsession, with fishing. When you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he says "I want to be in fishing tournaments."

He is his little brother's sidekick. He does everything big brother does. He eats anything and everything. He is fearless. He is THE best snuggler around. He will try anything once. He loves him some chocolate milk. He is everybody's friend. 

He is our little spitfire and we all love him so so so much!

We had an awesome time celebrating his birthday this weekend.
Luckily, for Dylan, our little town puts on a Fair each year around his birthday. So we get to do lots of fun things for his birthday!

Friday, I went to his school with some oreos and ice cream to share with his classroom. It was quite emotional. It was my last school birthday celebration with my children. :(
His classmates sang Happy Birthday to him and he kinda hid his shy little face.
It was very sweet.

Friday evening we headed out to the fair where we met some family and friends.

The kids rode rides over and over and over. 
I even had to buy a few tickets to take Dylan and his buddy on the dang Scrambler. 
The nauseous feeling never left my stomach after that...
Whew, I'm getting old.

The Dragon Wagon was a big hit! 

Dylan and his friend, Bentley, were little fair heartbreakers.
They ruled that fair running from ride to ride, having a blast!
The smiles on their faces were priceless!

The next morning, we woke up to sing Happy Birthday to Dyl Boy!!
Then headed out for the parade where there was lots of candy collected and eaten with friends.

(These two in the stroller...I do not even know what to say...
They are something else together...)

After the sugar high of the parade, we took Dyl out for Mommy & Daddy's present: 
shopping spree at Dunn's Sporting Goods.

Ehhh..was not my first choice. But it's about the kids, right??
I typically like to do something a little better than this for a present, but when a child request ONLY a fishing pole for his birthday, what else can we do??
So, he got just that. Fishing Pole. Bait. And Hooks. Ya know, cause he totally does not have ANY of this at home already. ;)

We BEGGED him to pick out some more things. But nope, he was happy with just the few things he had picked out.

What in the world we are going to do for this child for Christmas?? I have NO idea.

But he was beyond happy & that is what matters!!!

After shopping it was time to head out to start getting ready for his birthday party!!
(Which will get it's own deserving recap...)

But this child had THE best time at his party!! 

Even though we were exxxxhhhhausted from all the festivities that had just went down the last 24 hours, we still managed to drum up some strength to head back to the fair after his party.

Oh and PS- as I am dealing with the emotion of having a 5 year old. I also dealt with Drew going to his first sleepover ever. Like, evvvvverrrrr. He has only stayed with family. Eeeeekkk!!

So Daddy took Drew to his sleepover and Dyl Boy and I headed to the fair for some more rides that consisted of 32789 more dragon rides and another scrambler ride for myself.

Annnnnnd then...we ended the night with Fireworks.

Fireworks...What a GREAT ending to a wonderful celebration of my Dylan! 

Brista Barrington

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