Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve Eve, Dylan was up all night--again--sick.
I felt like he he was getting worse.
I just knew Christmas Day was going to be awful.
But as I headed off to work calling Justin every 30 minutes to check on him, he eventually got better. 
Praise. The. Lord.
I worked Christmas Eve (blah) while Justin stayed home with the boys.
We do not really do a whole lot Christmas Eve so I don't actually mind going into work. Later that night we headed out to Justin's extended family gathering where Santa Claus always makes an appeareance! 
Drew LOVED telling Santa this year everything he wanted. Dylan...well, not so much. He got super shy again and Daddy had to sit on Santa's lap for him. 
After festivities ended we headed home to get ready for the real big deal Christmas!
On the way home the boys were trying to find Santa Claus and Rudoloph in the sky. They genuinely found Rudolph's nose and it was just melting my heart listending to their innocent little minds be so so so excited for it.
I can so remember driving around at Christmas when I was little looking for Rudolph in the sky.

A little has changed since then...

We now can ask Siri where Santa Claus is! Hahaha.
We asked Siri probably a good 15 times on the way home. Somehow Santa always ended up only 120 miles away from our house each time. 

I had forgot to get cute Christmas pajamas ordered for the boys. Go figure, every single year it happens. So I had ran into Target a couple days before and noticed some jammies still in stock in the children's section. Dylan was with me and helped me pick some out for him and his brother...a size small and a size medium.

Little did I know that I totally messed it up until we got home Christmas Eve night to bust those bad boys open and they were like super duper big on the boys. I was so confused until Justin read the tag that said "Women's."

It was quite a great laugh for us all. The kids ran around with their big ol' jammies on for awhile.

Hey...Target so had them in the middle of the children's clothes---how was I supposed to know?

Ohhhh anywho--we got some cookies and milk for Santa and snuggled up in bed to only realize that we forgot to sprinkle the reindeer food across the lawn.

So we grabbed our coats and quickly fed the reindeer and then what seems like 67 hours later the boys finally fell asleep....

Honestly, I fell asleep too. Santa had to be woken up in the middle of the night to finish the duties...;)

Brista Barrington

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