Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Santa Came, Santa Came! {Christmas Morning 2014}

Santa Came! Santa Came!

I was so hoping the boys would sleep a little bit longer Christmas Morning so we could catch up on all the sleep we had lost the week before with all the sickness. 

They made it til 8:30. I'll gladly take it! 

The best part about Christmas Morning is seeing their eyes light up in shock that Santa came! 
But, first things first on their list was to check the milk and cookies.

Which....Santa totally did not eat. 
Justin and I looked at each other like "Seriously. We forgot to eat the dang cookies!"
We said that Santa must have gotten into a hurry and forgot to eat them.
What else were we supposed to say?? Hahaha.

The boys loved all their gifts.
It was so tough this year to find stuff for them. 
We went with -less is more-. These boys are lucky enough to get things all year, so when it comes to Christmas we struggle trying to figure gifts out.

Drew was so excited to get all the Minecraft Legos he had asked Santa for! Dylan got a tee pee since he loves to build forts and loved it as well.
Both boys got Dr. Dre Beats too, which was like "so cool." 

After presents came stocking time!
But ya know, since I am failing at all things Santa this year from the jammie mess up to not eating cookies...why not mix the stockings up too?? 
Yep. Santa put Drew's stuff in Dylan's and Dylan's in Drew's.
(Our monogrammed stocking's got ruined this year in the attic from a snow globe busting.)
We royally had some major Santa fail!

It was a great Christmas morning. Mommy cooked a big ol' breakfast while the boys played with a lot of their new toys. 

We heard stories like how Dylan woke up when Santa got to our house Christmas Eve night and him and Santa jumped on the couch.(Yeh...true story...)

I did not take very many pictures this year because I wanted to enjoy the moments. I snapped a few but this year was all about living in the moment and not be so focused on getting the perfect picture.

Around lunch time we headed out to do Christmas with Justin's parents.
We ate, opened presents, and relaxed and was so glad it was ALL OVER!!!! 

^ We all have the ONE family member. Ours is Dylan...

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