Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Basketball Life-Wife-Mom


Such a huge part of our life. It's my husband's passion, his world, his second-third-fourth job. 
We basketball it up all year long!

People always ask me if it gets old and it's quite weird because this year I fell in love with it more than I ever have. I was genuinely into the games and I even caught myself jumping up and down, screaming in some games toward the end of my husband's Jr. High season.
Never ever would have thought that coming from me.

I used to hate sports. (Well, I still don't get why people get so caught up in them and I think it can really turn nasty and break up good friendships and such.)
However, watching my kids play and watching my husband coach is something else.
I love it.

Of course, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch Drew play, but this year I grew a whole new love of watching someone other than my child play a game! Hahaha. 

Seeing the basketball seasons all come to an end is kind of bittersweet. I am glad our schedule has calmed down for a few weeks, but I loved watching them play. Drew had such a good time playing too. He was so into the games. You could hear him yelling/coaching from the bench when he wasn't playing. 

Justin's Jr. High season was such a fun one this year. They got 2nd place in the State Tournament!
They had some awesome games!

So to wrap up the season I shall share some basketball pictures from these past few months... 

Until next year my basketball friends! 

Brista Barrington

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