Saturday, June 20, 2015

Concerts with Friends

A few years ago I attended my first Kenny Chesney concert with my girlfriends and since then we have been to his concert each year since together!

They are so fun! I was surprised the first year how much I loved it because I was not a huge Kenny fan to start out. Not that I did not like him or anything. But the concert was FAB! He makes his concerts so fun and full of energy!

It's definetely one of our favorite things to do yearly!

We always have such a good time together! Never a dull moment!

Kenny is usually the only concert I go to each year..but this year??

My man. My favorite. My #1...NELLY was in concert with TLC and NKOTB.

I mean how could I miss this??? He was in St. Louis at the Pageant a few years ago but we were on vacation and I missed it. I was sooooo bummed.

Listen, we all have that ONE celebrity who we are obsessed with, right? Maybe I am not right. But hey, I have been a Nelly fan forever. He is my fave. We all know this.

And I know, I know...he was previously arrested. Believe me I was totally bummed and disappointed and did not want to hear anything from anyone about it. But I have...

I, of course, watch Nellyville (his reality show on BET) and it is planning on showing when he got arrested and the aftermath so I am curious to see this!

Despite the arrest, I still love his music and seeing him in concert!

I was so happy my girlfriends were willing to hit up another concert with me for my love. We spent the day shopping! It was a great girls day!

My little sister had gotten 3rd row seats for this concert like days before. Our cousin went with her and she was sooooo nice to switch me seats for a bit so I could be close during his performance. 
Oh. My. Gosh. I could never repay her for the experience. One of the best times of my life! 
It was seriously so fabulous.
I took tons of video, however, they are all so shaky because I was dancing and rapping like no other!
I mean, I was wild and in the air most of the time! Ha! And I loved every minute of it!!! 

And...of course I themed it up with a "Hot in Herre" shirt...Thank you TENIKA for this! :)

Oh yeh--TLC and NKOTB were there too. TLC was good. NKOTB--not so much..we left early to head to Nelly's afterparty. Ha! BUT...we were all so exhausted we headed back to the hotel and did not make it to see his appearance! :(


Do you SEE how many times he looked at me???? Gahhhhh!!! <3 <3 <3

Brista Barrington

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