Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Drew's 8th Birthday Recap

Parties get easier and easier as the kids get older!

I thought last year was easy with cupcakes and inflatables, but this year was by far the easiest!

Drew decided to have a sleepover with all his closest buddies which totaled 9 rambunctious boys and one ornery little brother.

It was quite...interesting.

It's easy to entertain boys.... SPORTS
They played outside. Played lots of wiffle ball. Rode bikes....
We ordered sandwiches and had cake and ice cream. {See below for video.}
Very chill night. 
OK, well it wasn't "chill", it was wild, but much less stressful for me with no party planning. :)

I wanted to do something fun so while at Party City picking up supplies I grabbed bottles and bottles of silly string and decided that I would let him have a silly string fight.
They had a blast doing so!!!

They stayed up quite late. Three kids were out before midnight, but the rest were up talking and talking and talking. I heard Drew say a little after midnight: "Guys. It is past 12:00. We made it!"
Then they were all out by 1:00 a.m. Hahaha.

But have no fear...somehow they were all up bright and early and back outside playing wiffle ball at 7:00am!!!

Drew had a such a good time. He smiled the whole time. It was one of his favorite birthday parties yet!

Oh--forgot to mention that since of his best buds moved away I asked his Mom if it was okay if we Facetimed him during the party to include him! The kids all loved catching up with Keegan & of course we captured a picture to include him! We miss Keegan so much! :)

The next day was his actual birthday which was also Mother's Day, so we decided to get together with both sides of our family for his birthday dinner/Mother's Day dinner. This way he wouldn't be running crazy all day on his birthday.

I do not think our family has been together like that since our wedding, so it was nice for us to have everyone there together.

Before we hit up some Giant City Lodge (Drew's pick & favorite) he wanted to spend some time at Castle Park.

I can not believe my child is 8 years old. It's so crazy how time flies. It really is.
He has grown up to be such an amazing kid and I couldn't be anymore proud of him!

Brista Barrington

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