Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dylan's T-Ball Season

Oh Dylan, AKA, Dilly Bar.

Such a cute little fella to watch play t-ball this year.

He really enjoyed playing, but you could still just see his orneriness out on the field. He would stick his tongue out at you from the field. Run in funny ways. Make the "I am watching you" signs with people in the stands. He would be on deck spinning the baseball bat on top of his head. 
He is such a mess.

Surprisingly with all he does to try and make people laugh he is quite shy. He caught a fly ball at 1st base one game and everyone in the stands yelled and screamed in excitement. He was so embarrassed and covered his face with his hat. Hahaha.

Oh my Dylan boy...the stories we are going to tell you when you are older! :) 

I told him if he hit a home run this season we would buy him a nerf gun. 
He hit two home runs to finish off his season!!!

Great Season Dylan---we are so proud of you!!!

Brista Barrington

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