Sunday, July 5, 2015

End to a great BUCS Season...

This year was our first year as a real travel team for Drew.

It was such a great season! The boys grew so much and learned so much. We had ups and downs and wins and losses, but it was all so worth it!

We ended with a record of 28-6.
(I think. Ha. The husband needs to quote me on this, but I know we only lost 6.)
Hey, I'm not big on the statistics! Lol.

Most importantly Drew had a blast playing. That is what it is about. Having fun whether you win or lose and trying your hardest! This child really enjoys playing baseball. He was excited before each game to play and played his little heart out. Even when he made mistakes he just kept on keeping on!
 He impressed me with his positive attitude and great sportsmanship and cheering on for all the his teammates! I just seriously LOVED watching him in all aspects of the game from being on the field, batting, and cheering on his teammates from the bench. 
While I am all ooey gooey for Drew, the whole team was wonderful! They really learned how to work together as a team and learned so much about the ball game this year. They are all great kids and show great sportsmanship and have fun playing! 
It was bittersweet to end the season. I love sitting on the sidelines cheering him and the whole team on! But on the other hand it is kind of nice to have a free schedule! Ha.
We ended the season with a BBQ and pool party! 
Can't wait for another year of baseball!!
Next year is a whole other ball game (literally) and I can.not.wait to cheer on the 9U BUCS!

Brista Barrington

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