Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1st Day of School

Oh I remember how much of a mess I was sending Drew off to Kindergarten. I was a little, okay, A LOT psycho. For real. 

I did not really know if I would be worse since my baby was going to Kindergarten, but surprisingly I was very calm. 

I only had a slight hesitation whenever I learned that he would not know anyone in his class, but Dylan?? He did not have a care in the world. It was only me who worried. He said "It's okay. I will just find my other friends at recess." 

Why did I ever doubt him? 

This is a big year for Drew and Dylan. This is the last time they will be at a same school together until they are in High School and Drew is a Senior and Dylan is a Freshman. 

Drew made safety patrol this year which was SUCH A BIG DEAL.
He wanted it so bad and I am so happy and proud that he got nominated by his teacher to do so. 
We are always so proud of that boy!

1st day of school and we had NO problems waking the kiddos up. Drew was excited for safety patrol and Dylan was excited for Kindergarten. Okay, well I take that back. There were arguments from the new Kindergartner about his school attire. He did not want to wear "fancy pants" so I picked a battle there and let him keep on his bright neon yellow shorts. Uggggghhhhhh..
You know, cause everything else like his crazy bright yellow lunchbox and camo backpack isn't enough, right?? :)

Drew left early with Daddy to get onto his orange vest duties and I stayed back with Dylan to take him a little later. Daddy met us at the school before work so he could see him off and get a picture with him.

I walked him into his classroom and he was so excited. He was such a big boy sitting down in his seat just coloring away. 

I was sad to leave, but honestly, felt totally okay to leave at the same time.
I had no anxiety like I did with Drew.

I know my big boy aka my baby would be A-Okay!

They both had a GREAT first day and have the most wonderful teachers! 

Brista Barrington

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