Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drew graduates Pre-K!

Drew graduated from Pre-K on Friday!!! 

To say how much I am proud of him and amazed by how much he has grown up since Day 1 is an understatement.

Day 1 of Pre-K two years ago we both were emotional wrecks. I was crying. He was crying. Justin was laughing. (That's usually how it goes.)

Now that we come to the end of the school year he is more than ready for Kindergarten!

Graduation was just too cute and I actually didn't cry! I of course became teary eyed, but I was just so excited for him and just so beyond SOOO proud of him!!

Brista Barrington

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have been a busy bee!

I have been soooo beyond busy getting ready for Drew's 5th Birthday Party!

I have come to the realization that Drew is no longer a baby. Well...Okay. Maybe only a little bit. If anyone knows this child they know of his OBSESSION with the WWE. I have never met anyone that is more obsessed. So of course when I ask what kind of birthday party he wanted, I shouldn't have expected any other answer than WWE.

Now, I LOVE to plan parties, but this one was going to be tough. I like to shop around for some ideas and maybe tweak them into something of my own kind of style, but I found NOTHING! Zero! Zip! I realized, this is going to be a challenge.

I decided to let Drew be involved in the planning. After all he is the one who knows all about the WWE. I don't really know anything except that I think that a couple of them are H-O-T.

I have come up with a lot of great ideas and am happy to say that I have absolutely made everything myself. I usually order signs, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, etc, but I have spent the time making them all myself on Photoshop. 

I did, however, have someone print out these great half body cut outs of some wrestlers! They look even more awesome in person!

These WWE men have taken over my bedroom!!

While this has been nothing but a challenge, it has been such a GREAT challenge! I am having a blast doing it and I have learned a lot about the WWE as well! :)

I can not wait to show y'all the rest of my ideas, decor, and Drew's birthday party surprise! It's going to be a great party!! 


Brista Barrington

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


One of my favorite times with the boys is storytime!!!

Storytime for the Barrington Boys is not like any other storytime. We lay down to read right before bed and it is nothing like the movies make it out to be where the sweet child lays down in bed and falls asleep while the parents read the book. Nope. Doesn't happen at the Barrington household.

We don't read just one book. The boys pick out a PILE of books to read and I read them ALL! After I am done with one, they are so excited for me to read another.

If you are my facebook friend, I am sure you have seen my many posts about "Cat in the Hat."

I read this book all the time. I read it so much, I can pretty much recite the whole book by heart. I mean, I can not express how much I read this book. Drew even reads it to me now! He reads it is the EXACT same voice as I do, emphasizing certain words the same way I do when I read.

 I love that my boys enjoy Mommy reading books to them!

* Sorry for the blurry picture! I have got to teach Daddy how to take clear pictures!

Brista Barrington

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm a Lucky Mommy

Last night I came across this blog: In This Wonderful Life

Can I just tell you after I read "Cohen's Story" I had tears running all down my face!  I could never imagine having to go through what this mother and father had to go through. I don't think I could have the strength to pull through it.

As I was going through this little bit of sickness with Dylan last month, I cried and cried for hours. I just thought it was something viral, but doctor wanted to continue with all of this testing; blood work, x-rays, CT scans. Turns out--everything is okay and he is still okay to this day. I have even stopped the medicine the doctor put him on.

During this time with Dylan I thought to myself, how do mother's stay so strong when their little ones are a lot more sick than Dylan was??!!! My mother told me, "you just have to do it." And she is right. That is what Cohen's Mommy did.

Before reading this story last night, Drew was off the walls crazy hyper! I was yelling at him telling him he needed to settle down and he was acting too crazy and wild right before bedtime. Then, I read this story and felt bad for getting mad at him.

I am so very lucky to have two healthy boys and I thank God every single day for that. I also pray every single night for all those children who unfortunately aren't as healthy. I immediately got over my madness. Instead, I should feel blessed that I have these wonderful children in my life, crazy or not!

Brista Barrington

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Easter Bunny Came!!

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. Well, any holiday is my favorite time of year!! I remember growing up and my mother waking us up with her annoying yelling, screaming "The Easter Bunny Came! The Easter Bunny Came!" That is me now. I am that annoying mother that somehow gets burst of energy in the morning to run around the house screaming in excitement for the boys. Lord help me.

I LOVE family traditions. I like to start our own Barrington family traditions as well. Each year on the Saturday before Easter we dye Easter eggs with the boys. It gets more and more fun each year as they get older! After we dye the eggs we leave the eggs the boys make and some plastic eggs in their basket for the night so the Easter Bunny can take them and hide them.

The boys were beyond excited about Easter this year. I think for a week straight they woke up and first thing they did was run to the front door to see if the Easter Bunny came. So Easter Sunday, they were super pumped to see he had really came that morning!!

I like to keep Easter pretty simple with a few books, toys, and CANDY! LOTS OF CANDY! It's the only time I really buy candy throughout the year. So why not splurge?!?!

I usually fill the plastic eggs outside with change and chocolate. This year, the "Easter Bunny" wasn't quite feeling like doing that. So, I just put some money in an egg for the basket. Drew LOVES money. So, he was excited. He has been asking lately: 
" Is Daddy at work buying MORE money??" Hahaha..Love this kid and his imagination!

While Drew was excited about the money, who else would be excited about ALL OF THIS CANDY?!?!
The one and only Dylan of course!

Dylan was not really into Easter Egg Hunting this year. He would rather have just found the eggs, break them, and eat the chocolate. Eh, whatever works!

Drew, however, was VERY into hunting Easter Eggs! He wanted to be sure he got the most out of everyone! Little competitor he is! :)

Every Easter that I can remember we have always went to my Mema's for lunch and Easter Egg hunts! We always have a blast and the adults usually have their own. We didn't have one this year and I was totally bummed. What's up with that people???

It was such a gorgeous day! We spent all day outside playing and relaxing. Mema had some new little baby yellow ducklings that were just absolutely adorable.

Dylan just LOVED playing with them!

Drew held them for a bit. This picture just cracks me up. He is just holding the little duck like no big deal. He is just hanging out.

I am surprised these ducklings are still alive after all the kiddos holding them by their necks.

Again, the crazy child was not into Easter Egg Hunting. So why not put the basket on your head and run around?? Sure, why not??

PS- This child also did not wear shoes AT ALL. ALL DAY LONG. He likes to keep things entertaining and keep Mommy on her toes.

Just picture this: All the kids take off to run for Easter Eggs. Dylan, on his mower, takes off with a red solo cup in his lap, weaving in and out of the kids hunting their eggs. Just chilling. Sitting back like no big deal.

Finally, after Mema's, we went to my mother's house for even MORE Easter baskets and egg hunts!

I let Dylan have his first piece of bubble gum. Here he is trying to blow some bubbles like Mommy. Now that I think about it, I am not sure where that piece of chewed up bubble gum ended up. Oopsie!

You think that after all the Easter Egg Hunts from the day already that the kids would be burned out. But, it's just way too much fun so of course they were excited for yet another one! Dylan-not so much, he would rather eat the candy.

Drew was really into counting all of his eggs this year. One. By. One. Very. Slowly.

Are you tired yet??? Because I sure am!!

After my mothers, we headed back home to go to Justin's parents house.

Drew spent 90% of his time fishing with all of his cousins.

We walked down to the neighbors who have built in a beach into their backyard. 

Dylan is going to love being at the beach this summer!

My, oh my!! What a LONG day!

It may have been a long day and we were exhausted as soon as we got home, but it was probably the best Easter we have had. It was such a beautiful day outside and it was just an all in all relaxing day. 

I hope everyone had as great of Easter as we did!!

Brista Barrington