Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lovely Weekend.

This past weekend was a busy one that included lots of sickness up in this household. Lots of it. 

Drew missed both Thursday and Friday of school. All because of strep throat. It was like it took over his body. Kind of scary how serious strep throat can be. He woke up feeling better on Saturday morning but we kept him home from basketball. 
His little body needed to catch up and become stronger. 
THEN, on Sunday Dylan got it. Down, all day. 
He missed school for a few days as well.

But now...everyone is back to up and running and hopefully this sickness stays away for the holidays! 

I remember Dylan being a fresh one year old and he was miserably sick over Christmas and it was so sad. I do not want that to happen again. So stay away sickies!
 And....we will be bathing in Germ-X for awhile.

The boys were like super duper pumped to go hunting with Grandpa Bruce this past Saturday. Because of the sickness I had already told my Dad that Drew would not be coming. But since he felt better Saturday and even stayed in Saturday morning, I took them over. 

They would have been totally bummed if they could not go.

My Dad took all four of the little rascal grandkids. I know, sounds intimidating and you are probably like "what is he thinking? He must be cray!" 

Well, I did too. But I was more concerned with the way he is since his wreck. Soooo...I had a little, okay, a lot of anxiety over it. But I felt better knowing my brother in law would be accompanying him! :)

Drew like loves loves loves to shoot his bow and arrow.
 He does it all the time at our house in our backyard wooded area.
Dylan? Ya know he is gonna want to shoot a gun before anything. He got a BB gun for his birthday and LOVES to shoot it. This boy is so outdoorsey it is crazy. People keep asking what to get him for Christmas and it is hard to tell them because all he wants to do is hunt and fish. That's it.

The boys had a great time! They didn't kill a deer this time around, but you bet that Grandpa Bruce is going to have plenty of phone calls asking when they can go hunting again!

After I left the boys with my Dad, I jetted back home to wrap things up for a friend's baby shower. 

I ordered some fab caramel apples from Dream Baskets and they of course, didn't disappoint.
I always love when I can bring some "Harrisburg" into a Carterville party! :)

The couples shower was such a fun relaxing night. Not your cliche "let's see what kind of poop is in this diaper" baby shower.

The parents to be...

They are not finding out what they are having this time around, so this present made for a perfect photo-op moment...


I can not wait to find out!!!!

Brista Barrington

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Basketball MOM


It is my life. My whole life. 

Not by choice, but by marriage.
 And now by children...

My little Drew. He just loves to play ball. He plays so hard when he plays y'all. He may not be perfect, but he sure does try so hard. And all that matters is that he LOVES to play. 

This past weekend we traveled to Murray, Kentucky for another AAU tournament. We spent the whole weekend there. It was so fun, but boy was he exhausted by the end of it. 

And Dylan? 
Well, by the end of it, he was over it too. 

I ordered my first MOM shirt. My husband was embarrassed by my actions. 
But, when is he not? :)

 It's only the beginning...

I will definitely be wearing lots more MOM shirts and I will bling those babies out just to support my boys.

 Looking through those pictures can ya catch a couple fouls up in there?? Haha.

After Drew's games were over the older team got to play on the main floor that the Murray State Racers played on. Half time entertainment included the 1st Grade Junior Lions...

Even though basketball is our life. We make sure we keep a good balance of school and family time in as well.  
Family is the most important thing in life after all...

I'll leave you with my favorite picture from the day...


Brista Barrington

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I have a dream...

Have you ever had a dream, but were too scared to follow it?

I do. I have always had this dream, but am seriously terrified to follow it. 

Why? Because I am so worried about what other people are going to say. Yep, I am that person. You can say you do not care what people think about you as much as you want, but deep down, if someone is saying something about you, it hurts. It just does.

I do not live every day caring about what people think or worrying about trying to impress people, however, for some reason I can not seem to get the courage to just do it. Follow it. Follow that dream that I have had since I was a little girl.

My husband tells me to do it. My friends and family tell me to do it. Why can't I JUST DO IT???

Is it the same dream as others? Of course, but it is also MY dream. My dream since I was a little girl. My dream that I am passionate about, that I love, that makes me happy, that makes me just feel so great and excited! 

I sure hope I can get the guts to follow that dream soon...

Brista Barrington

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Fun

We have been keeping busy this Fall with lots of fun activities!

Not only did we go to Monday Night Raw, but the WWE came to Carbondale and we got to see basically the exact same show without all of the special effects right here super close to home and the boys got to introduce their love for the WWE to their friends.

It was also a family affair as well. All my little nephews and nieces were there!

And what is Fall without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch??

This year we did the corn maze which we had never done before and we got lost a couple of times, but the kids loved it!

We also spent a night taking the kids to the World Series.

And of course we wrapped up October with Halloween.

This year I was excited because both boys were going to be wrestlers. That changed. I have absolutely no say anymore. Dylan was bound to be a Power Ranger and Drew changed his mind two days before and wanted to be a Ninja.

We went downtown for a little bit for the costume parade and games, but the kids were more excited to actually go door to door trick or treating.

I have to say, it was not only more fun for the kids, but I liked it so much better myself.
The kids ran, literally, door to door trick or treating.

Yesterday we traveled to Kentucky for Drew's basketball. 
You can read about that day from hell here.

Has it not been sooooo gorgeous out?
 I feel like the fall leaves have never looked prettier!

I love Fall, but if you know me, you know I LOVE the Christmas Holidays more!!

I can not wait to decorate for Christmas. 
I can not wait for Christmas snowy weather. 
I can not wait for Black Friday Shopping!
 Eeeek! Makes me all so giddy. 
Love love love this time year!

Brista Barrington