Sunday, November 3, 2013

Imagine this...

Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning feeling like you have morning sickness, yet you are not pregnant. Anything makes you nauseous and you have two children to get ready by yourself to get on the road before 9 am. 
THEN, while you are on the road about 30 minutes in, you realize you have a flat tire. 
THEN, you have to send your child on with another parent to be sure he gets to his game on time knowing you will not be there on time yourself because you have to drive with a spare tire on your car. 
THEN, your poor child gets stomped in his basketball games. 
THEN, you go have to find a location to get your tire fixed before you head back out onto the road. You find a place and luckily (the only lucky thing that has happened so far) it can be patched and only costs $10. So you are on your way and sitting at the last basketball game of the day to only get a phone call from the Wal-Mart stating they forgot to put the spare tire back in the car. You yell, tell them they are lucky you are still in town and proceed back across town to the Wal-Mart and tell them you will be there in 2 minutes and to be ready for you because you do not have time to wait. They tell you okay. 
THEN, when you get there the lady tells you the guy you just talked to on the phone just went to break and he is the only person who can put the spare time back on so you have to wait for him to get back. You yell at the lady knowing it is not her fault, but yelling at her because you are so mad at the guy you JUST talked to and TOLD you would be there in 2 minutes and he left for break. So you have the lady throw the tire in the back of the car to deal with later. 
THEN, you meet all the basketball players family at the Olive Garden for dinner. About 30 people. All other 29 people get their meal and have eaten before you even get your meal at all. You walk through the store trying to find the manager and he tries to give you your meal without the chicken so you have something to "munch on." Really?? So while everyone else is checking out you are just now getting your meal to eat all while everyone else has eaten and you have been trying to make sure your child does not start a food fight in the corner of the restaurant.
 While all of this is going on you also have a pounding headache with no medicine in your purse and a child that has no concept of the word "No" and has a screaming devilish fit somewhere in there.

Yeh, that was totally MY day yesterday. It was totally not my day. At all. I could not get home in bed quick enough. While I was at Wal-Mart for the third time I finally picked up some medicine for my ever so growing headache. I did not just pick up any ol' meds. You best believe I picked up some Advil PM. Something to knock me the straight out. I decided to take it in the middle of my dinner.
By the time we were in the car on the way home my tongue felt 100 pounds and I could not hold my head up. felt great!!! Hahaha.

Now, it's Sunday and I have had a peaceful day. Drew is at basketball and Dylan is zonked out for nap time and I can just hear the birds a chirping outside and total silence. Ahhhhh.....

Like I said, Drew totally got stomped yesterday in his ball games in Kentucky.
 Man, those Kentuckian's take their basketball seriously. 

It was our first time to travel for Drew for basketball.
 If it is anything like yesterday my goodness, no way I could ever do that again. 

Even though the kids got beat, I think it was a great learning experience for them and teaches them what they need to do better and also teaches the Coach what each child needs to work on. 

Drew wore his Daddy's #10 proudly.

I can't believe we are actually at the point in life where we spend our weekends traveling for sports.
They are growing up too fast on me.

He loves to play though and that is all that matters to me.
I'll go and watch him play any sport, any time, any where as long as it makes him happy!

Here's to the next travel tournament.
Wishing for a better experience this time around!

Brista Barrington

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