Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Basketball MOM


It is my life. My whole life. 

Not by choice, but by marriage.
 And now by children...

My little Drew. He just loves to play ball. He plays so hard when he plays y'all. He may not be perfect, but he sure does try so hard. And all that matters is that he LOVES to play. 

This past weekend we traveled to Murray, Kentucky for another AAU tournament. We spent the whole weekend there. It was so fun, but boy was he exhausted by the end of it. 

And Dylan? 
Well, by the end of it, he was over it too. 

I ordered my first MOM shirt. My husband was embarrassed by my actions. 
But, when is he not? :)

 It's only the beginning...

I will definitely be wearing lots more MOM shirts and I will bling those babies out just to support my boys.

 Looking through those pictures can ya catch a couple fouls up in there?? Haha.

After Drew's games were over the older team got to play on the main floor that the Murray State Racers played on. Half time entertainment included the 1st Grade Junior Lions...

Even though basketball is our life. We make sure we keep a good balance of school and family time in as well.  
Family is the most important thing in life after all...

I'll leave you with my favorite picture from the day...


Brista Barrington

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