Friday, July 20, 2012

Blissful Relaxation...

We returned home from our vacation about a week ago.

Coming back to reality is always no fun. It took a little bit to get back into the swing of things especially since I had been off of work for TWO weeks! It was so so so nice!

Our destination this family vacation.....DESTIN, FLORIDA.

It really is my favorite place to go. It's perfect for a little family like mine, especially with young children. There is a little to do, but just enough to do as well.

The last time we had been to Destin was almost 3 years ago. 3 years too long. I was pregnant with Dylan and Drew had just turned 2 years old. So, this was Dylan's first trip to the beach.

Both of the boys LOVED it! They are like fish. They LOVE LOVE LOVE to swim. They even put their trunks on sometimes to swim in our bathtub because they love to swim so much. (Note to husband: Pool is a MUST in our next house.)

We had quite a time getting to Florida. Well, I guess it wasn't too bad, but we had planned on driving throughout the night, however, mother nature did not let this happen. It was storming so bad we had to stop and get a hotel room. We woke up about 4 a.m. the next morning and headed back out.

This time, Dylan's belly decided it didn't like the car ride. He got car sick. We were in the middle of a traffic jam due to construction when he said he needed to "throw up." So, I took him out of the car seat and sat him in my lap for a minute. Bad mistake. It got ALL over us. I guess better us than the car seat, right?

So, FINALLY we made it to Florida. We got settled into our room and started heading out to the beach. I had bought a thing of sand toys that needed to be open. We tried and tried to get it open, wouldn't work. So I grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and tried to cut the tie off. Oh, I got the tie off. And stabbed my wrist while I was at it. Like, I didn't cut it. I hard core stabbed my wrist. Not exaggerating, I thought I was going to die. Literally, my life flashed before my eyes. I thought I had hit a main artery or something. And can I also say that my husband would be horrible in a catastrophic situation. He was running around asking what I needed as I stood there staring at my wrist about to pass out as it bleeds. Oh, it's all too comical now that it's over and I am alive! Thank god!

I guess all of the drama just getting to the beach was worth it because the kids loved it!!

They had so much fun building sand castles and "jumping" and "punching" the waves.

Sorry, I had to throw in this picture somewhere in here...I couldn't resist myself! ;)

Our vacation started getting a little bit more relaxing the second day. We laid on the beach and by the pool all day long. Now, that is a vacation!!

While the husbands took the kids to nap, another mother and I took off and went parasailing. I forgot how much I love to do that kind of stuff!

Our vacation primarily consisted of beach and pool all day long, every day. And I loved it.

Occasionally we scheduled an activity like a Dolphin Cruise we took the kids on. The kiddos got to help the Captain of the boat stir the wheel. Drew was so excited about it.

We also took the kids to "The Track." I had never been there before, but they had a lot of fun. It's just simply a little "fair." Go Carts, Ferris wheel, airplane rides, goofy golf, etc.

The airplane rides were a hit!

The very last night we had dinner at a restaurant at our hotel and took the kids to hunt for crabs! Dylan has been obsessed with crabs lately and actually wanted to order them to eat for dinner. I swear, that child is a mess. Anywho, the boys had a great time hunting for crabs until we couldn't find any and it became boring and turned into flash light tag!

Overall, we had a great vacation! It was relaxing. Just how a vacation should be! We can not wait to get back to the beach! But for now The Barrington's are headed back to.....
 Disney World Spring Break 2013!

We. Can. Not. Wait.

PS-We almost died on the way home too. Literally, two cars in front of us a car spun out of control and ended up horizontal on the interstate. How we missed hitting the car, we have no idea. It was a miracle and God was definitely with us!

Brista Barrington

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