Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I should be re-capping vacation, instead I am in Puke Hell.

Here's the deal...

I should be spending lots of time editing my 1200 pictures from vacation, catching up on loads and loads of laundry from vacation, and re-capping my vacation through a blog post, however, my body has decided to be in puke hell. And I mean PURE PUKE HELL.

I have actually been in puke hell for about a month now. First, Dylan. He puked and pooped for four weeks straight. But he never ever acted sick. In fact, we spent our whole drive on vacation cleaning up puke. Even some good ol' Grandma's and truck drivers helped me in the middle of a gas station as my child sat there projectile vomiting in the middle of the gas station floor right next to the Dunkin Doughnuts.

I stood there like, "What do I do? Do I take him to the bathroom and create a trail of puke? Or do I stand there and let him finish since he has already devoured the gas station floor?" So a nice truck driver showed me to the bathroom while the Grandma and another truck driver called for a clean up in the doughnut aisle. Embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing? On the way home, we somehow stopped at that same gas station and Dylan says "This is where I threw up Mommy!" Thank goodness it was a new gas station clerk.

Once we got to Disney, Dylan needed to continue to make his marks. One including a Magic Kingdom bathroom. Hey, at least it was in a bathroom this time around. Poor little guy though. We had to keep him in pull-ups the whole vacation. We just had to. There were never any warning signs of when a puke or poop was to come.

Thankfully, he eventually stopped.

BUT then...the puke traveled onto the other child of mine - Drew.

On the way home we stopped in Chattanooga, TN to get a hotel room for the night. Drew decides he is "allergic" (His words, not mine) to pizza and pukes all over the hotel room and when I say "all over", I mean ALL OVER! And I must say, he is such a dramatic puker just like his Dad. Lord help me.

That was over in about 5 minutes, he fell asleep with a wet towel over his head and was good to go the next day. Mommy, however, was not.

Not even a minute out of the hotel parking lot I tell Justin he has to pull over. I get car sick all the time. My family does not travel like normal people. We have to be highly medicated or drunk. So, I for sure thought I was just getting car sick. (Oh! I forgot to mention, I, too, got car sick on the way to Florida.)

So, finally a Dramamine nap later, I woke up feeling a little okay. We arrived home around noon this past Saturday and I began to get a horrible horrible headache, so I layed down and slept for four hours. I never do this. I do not nap. I woke up feeling completely horrible. My body hurt. I was crying for my Mommy like a little baby. It was bad.

Since then I have still been sick. I had to go to work yesterday, but only made it 1/2 day. I spent 50% of my time in the bathroom. As soon as I left, I went straight to a walk in clinic. I immediately came home and went into a Phenergan Coma. It didn't help. I'm still puking.

It's like it is never going to end. This is some tough stomach flu.

Oh! And to top it all off, I had to somehow drum up enough energy to go pay my tickets today at the courthouse because my court date is tomorrow. Yeh, court date. Like I am some criminal or something. I needed to not get out of bed because have you ever had to pay a ticket at the Williamson County Courthouse? Wow. Those ladies are beyond rude.

So, now I am back home in bed feeling guilty as ever that I have been in this same very bed since I got home from vacation. Not playing with the boys. Not reading books to the boys. Sending the husband to the grocery store. Having the Grandparents help pick the kids up from school. Ya know, doing nothing but getting up to head to the bathroom. It's depressing. I just want to feel better already. Mommy's have no time to be sick.

Daddy Bear has really been great though. He has taken great care of me, constantly asking if I need anything. And the boys have been awesome too. They always tell me they hope I feel better and they love me.

Yes, this all may seem very dramatic. Like, come on Brista, it's just the flu. But this dang flu has been horrible. I want to feel better already. I do not like being sick. I would much rather be up doing a million different things rather than laying here thinking about doing those million different things.

Ohhhh...here's to getting better!!!!!!!!!!

Brista Barrington


  1. I am so sorry that the puke bug followed you round trip & hope y'all are feeling better soon, sending prayers and well wishes your way, can not wait to see all the fun pics!

    1. Thanks sweet girl!! I really really need to get working on the pictures! Haha!