Thursday, March 6, 2014



Such a fun activity.

Why we haven't done this any with all of the snow we have received this winter is beyond me.

Best $10 I have ever spent.

Boys loved it.

Even Daddy joined in on the fun!
And some times? Ya just gotta go down the slopes licking the snow.
You can see the pure enjoyment in their faces.
They loved it so much. It has now become like an after school activity.

Tomorrow starts Spring Break for the boys.
You would think we would go somewhere warm for the week, instead we are headed to colder air up North to see the one and only Lebron James play ball.
I think the boys just might pass out. 

Kinda like I would pass out if I met Nelly... 

And if you want to see my horrible videography skills...Watch the video below.

I WILL figure out how to make videos and make the song sound better!!! Ugh.

And yes. After warning the husband not to push too hard.
He pushed too hard and Drew couldn't stop and he landed in the creek.
Didn't phase him a bit.
Obviously, that was the end.

Brista Barrington

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