Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drew is headed back to Pre-K!

After a full, busy summer Drew is headed back to his second year of Pre-K! He has been so so so excited this whole year to get back in school! Every single night he would ask, "When the sun comes up in the morning, I will go to school?" I hated telling him no all summer, but finally I get to tell him YES!! 

Daddy was off all summer with the boys so Drew and Dylan got super close! As you can see here....

They also began a new night ritual where they have to tuck in their toys in bed with them! Dylan usually lays down with Mommy and Daddy to fall asleep before bed, but not anymore! He wants to lay in bed with his Drew (and Drew's toys!).

They have way too much fun at bedtime! :)

Drew's first day of school last year was soo sad for Mommy! He had never stayed with anyone besides family so it was going to be a big transition for him! I cried like a baby right along with Drew! But this year, TOTALLY different story!! He was so ready to go and was all smiles! He could give a care in the world if I left him there! 

As I was walking him in this year for the first time, I thought back to last year as I was walking him in and how much he truly has grown up and how much he has changed! Last years Pre-K taught him so much and I cannot wait to think back next year to see how much he has grown up then as I am walking him into Kindergarten!!!

As for Dylan..he has grown up just as much! We get our own little hour of time after I take Drew to school to hang before I go to work...I cherish that time with him! :)

Brista Barrington

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