Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh TWOdles! Dylan is TWO!!

I am late in posting this...but I canNOT believe Baby Dylan is TWO years old! This just seems completely impossible! It literally just feels like I found out I was pregnant! So, of course, we had to celebrate in style! Mickey Mouse style! He LOVES Mickey Mouse! His big brother, Drew, also had a Mickey Mouse birthday party for his 2nd birthday...however, I didn't get to have a good ol' cute party like Dylan's. His birthday party was the day after the May 8th storm. I had these cute little Mickey Mouse face cupcakes ordered and the bakery could not do them because they had no power! So, he ended up with a Kroger Sheet Cake! So, I was bound and determined to get my cute Mickey Mouse party this time! :)

I wanted his party to be small and intimate. I think those kids of parties are so much more fun and Mommy isn't running around like a crazy person. So, we had a small little party at our house.

I worked hard on all the decor for this party! I ordered all the "Oh TWOdles" signs off of Etsy. ( This has inspired me to start my own business!) She made me cupcakes toppers and water bottle labels. I also asked her to make some cute little signs to match. She did a fabulous job! 

Here are a few signs that I had her make me. I also ordered Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse ear die cuts off of Etsy that I attached to some of the signs with colorful ribbon. I had the red pails and yellow crinkle paper left over from Drew's Cars Birthday Party. 

 She even made me some Subway Art!
I found these cute little turqouise picture frames at Target for 3/ $5..worked perfect with the theme. I framed the Subway Art and also framed pictures from our Disney World trip where he was posed with Mickey Mouse in other frames around the house.

My mother in law is supposbly an awesome baker of sweets! ( I wouldn't know because I don't like cake or cookies.) But all who eats them, loves them. So it only made sense to have her make the cupcakes and cookies. She made all the cupcakes in some Mickey Mouse cupcakes holders that I found off of I sprinkled them with Mickey Mouse ear sprinkles and attached the cupcake toppers and Viola!! They turned out GREAT!!
I also made this "cupcake stand" from wrapping paper and shoe boxes believe it or not! I found the polka dot wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby, wrapped the boxes, and there ya have it..a homemade cupcake stand! Pretty simple! 

 And of course, we had some Mickey Mouse Ear choclates! Yummy! :)

To go with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, we had Hot Diggity Dogs and Donald's Dip to eat with some Pluto's Punch to drink! :)

A few more pics from the party...

Dylan started out so happy before everyone got to the party, then BAM..all kinds of people around and he gets into attached, shy mode.. So, he wasn't into blowing the candles out as you can see in this picture....

AND, he wasn't too thrilled to open presents either...

That lasted a whole 45 minutes of the party....then, he came back to life!! He was his happy normal self, having a blast in the bouncy house!!

Overall, it was a fantabulous birthday party!! Once he got out of his funk, he had a BLAST! The weather could not have been anymore perfect! We played outside most of the day! We are so in love with our two year old! 

Until next year........

Brista Barrington

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