Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baseball heaven Tuesday...

Oh, hi!!
This is just your usual: "oh my gosh I love my boys more than anything. everything is so much better with kids." post. Ya know. My typical talk.
But really though. How much better are things when you have kids? For real. Holidays. Birthdays. Everyday. AND....
Who would have thought I would have such a good time at a Cardinal Game??!! I know I didn't! :)
Twas a typical Cardinal Game Tuesday...

We headed out early to get to St. Louis on time for our Stadium Tour. Have you ever done this? If not, you totally should. It was only $10 a person. I purchased the tickets off the Cardinal Website a few months ago.
We started off the tour by visiting some of the club levels the Stadium offers. It was neat to see what all they had to offer in these all inclusive club levels. Would love to do that sometime. Plus...they offer air conditioned rooms for the summer. SCORE!
We also got to see the press box. Could Dylan be the next Mike Shannon?!
Oooohhh! I have to mention this. As we were waiting to get onto the field our group was lined up kind of close to the Visitor's (the Cubs) clubhouse. I seen this tall guy walking toward us in dress clothes. I asked Ju who it was and he said he was the Cubs Pitcher for the night. I thought it was pretty cool since he literally brushed my clothes he walked so close to me. (Only I would care about a celebrity brushing my clothes. Even if I had no clue who it was & still to this day do not know his name. Hehe.)
Anywho..back to the story here. They saved the best for last...the Cardinal Dugout.
The kids loved it. Heck, Justin loved it. He had never done this before, so I know he secretly thought I was the best wife EVA for planning this.
Drew kept his glove on 95% of the day. I'm not kidding either.
Isn't he just the cutest little guy ever with is two missing teeth that he fills up with his tongue when he smiles?!
There was one rule we had to follow while being down on the field and that was to NOT walk on the grass. Ya know, Dylan. My daredevil/rulebreaker...walked right on the edge...not ever touching the grass but close enough to give me a heart attack that we might get kicked out.
After the tour we had a good four hours to waste before the game. So we headed where else?! Hooters. Right when we walked in Drew says: "Ooh. Look Dad! Those girls are hot." Really child??
After we ate we headed down to the arch. How sad that I have not taken my kids to the arch yet? As many times as we are in St. Louis.
We still had hours to spare so Justin said that we should get there right when they open the gates to watch batting practice.
Oh my gosh. I can not explain the excitement Drew had while watching the batting practice. It was like he was in heaven. Heck, I was in heaven watching him. This right here is what it is all about. This right here is why I sweat it out at baseball games. I get joy watching his enjoyment.
Dylan even enjoyed it so much more than I thought he would.
We started off the game with ice cream in a helmet. It's a must when we are at the ball park. Then we continued with dippin dots, hot dogs, corn dogs, cotton candy, and peanuts. Whew.
During batting practice you hear all these kids yell for balls. Well Dylan took it upon himself to yell at a baseball player all on his own "Hey! Hey!"  I guess the guy thought he was the cutest thing because he threw the ball right to him and kept smiling at him giving him a thumbs up and all. Dylan was beyond thrilled!!
They ended up getting "three major league balls" (as Drew would say) during batting practice. They had a ball. Literally.
Since we sat right above the Cardinals Bull Pen the boys got to see their favorite player up close catching, Molina. Poor Yadi. My kids yelled and yelled and yelled at him. "Yadi! Yadi! Yadi!"
All of this going on and the game hadn't even started. This was the first game the boys actually sat and watched. Well, okay, we may of had a little of this action going on...
But they kept their gloves on their little hands in hopes to catch a homerun. No such luck for them.
Before when we have taken the kids it's been a constant up and down for this and that and they are not watching the game. Justin would always end up going with his friends and we would take them to one game a season. But now that they are older, my gosh, it is so much more enjoyable and relaxing!!!
It was such a fun fab day with my little family! Could not have asked for a better day. (Well, okay..maybe if I would have bumped into Nelly it would have been fan-freakin-tabulous.)
Can't wait for many more Cardinal ball games in our future. Yes. I just said that.

Brista Barrington

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