Friday, October 5, 2012

Guilty Feelings {Dylan Update}

Ever since Dylan's incident I have not wanted to leave his side. I went back to work on Wednesday and cried leaving him. (Which probably does not surprise too many people.)
I should be with him. I'm his Mommy. However, he was feeling better by that point, so I knew he would be okay.
I know this is just a simple broken bone to some people and many kids go through much much worse than this, but this was tough for US. The first few days Dylan was in so much pain and sick. It was miserable and heart breaking.
I usually do not care what people say or think about me, BUT, I can not help but think:
"I wonder if people think I am a bad mother because this happened to Dylan?"
"I wonder if people think I was not watching him?"
"I wonder if people think that this is my fault?"
Do any other mothers feel this way when something like this happens?
I believe I am a great mother. My kids are my life and I am sure I make that pretty evident. I shouldn't care if people even think that way anyways because I know what happened. I know it could not have been prevented. I know I was standing right there and seen the whole thing happen and there was nothing I could have done to make it any better.
I know I am over thinking this, but it is still on my mind.
Which brings me to another parenting thing I have been thinking a lot about lately.
Everyone parents different.
Sure, it's great to get parenting advice and tips from other people. I have tried many different ideas from talking to friends, reading Mommy blogs, etc.
However, I absolutely can not stand when people judge the way you parent.
My biggest pet peeve.
What works for you as a parent may not work for others.
What works best for your kids may not be what works best for others.
Just because someone does something different than you does not make them wrong.
And I am not saying everything I do is perfect either, but please just do not judge.
Back on track here...
Dylan is feeling much much better!!!
He is keeping his sling on just like he is supposed to.
He still occasionally says it hurts whenever he moves in certain positions, but that is to be expected.
He, in fact, I think is crazier than ever. I told him the bone turned into a extra crazy bone because he has been so stinking hyper. I asked the Pharmacist if his medicine could be causing this.
Not so much.
Maybe he is just making up the 3 days he was in bed.
I am so happy to see this face again:
Have I mentioned too that I have added inflatables to my list of things that scare me now?!
Brista Barrington

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