Monday, October 1, 2012

Dylan's Broken Bone & Mommy's Broken Heart

Well, the time has came.
The time I have dreaded for oh so long.
The time that I prayed would never happen to me.
Poor poor poor Dylan.
Here's the story....
We were at a party for Justin's work. It all happened so quickly. Justin's boss rented some inflatables and one was this really super cool Dragon slide.
The Dragon had two slides and you could exit through his mouth.
Sounds funny, I know.
But as Dylan was playing on the Dragon's tongue, I thought:
"Oh this would be such a cute picture!"
Took my phone out. Started walking toward him. And there he goes. I am thinking he leaned on the Dragon's tooth which he thought would hold him, but little did he know it was just air.
So down he goes. Flipped onto the ground.
I threw the things I had in my hand in the air. I really have no idea where they landed and now that I think about it I am so glad I didn't hit another kid.
He was hurt. I knew he was hurt badly.
Mother's instinct is always right.
As soon as we put him in the car to go home, he screamed BLOODY MURDER and immediately grabbed his shoulder.
We went back and forth whether to go to the ER or wait to go to a walk-in clinic the next day.
Then BAM. About 20 minutes or so into the ride home, he starts vomiting.
I told Justin: Get to your parents to drop Drew off NOW! We are going to the ER!
He still wasn't convinced. So we stopped at Justin's parents and pulled up Dylan's shirt.
The back bone was poking out.
Justin did not say a word and he immediately was out the door and in the car.
Now that I think about it, it was like he just disappeared. Ha!
Anywho-once we got to the ER we were taken care of quite quickly. Overall we were there for just a little over an hour.
The PA we seen was wonderful.
The radiologist let me stay with Dylan and hold his hand through the x-ray.
Having to lay him on his back for the x-ray was the hardest part of it all.
He was in SOOOO much pain.
The radiologist immediately said. "Oh yes Mom, you were right. It's a clavicle fracture."
My heart sank and broke into a million little pieces.
My poor baby. He was hurting so bad and there was nothing I could do about it.
They put him in a sling and wrapped him up and referred us to an Orthopedist first thing Monday morning.
On our way home we had to stop and get some medicine for him.
By this time he had already had a dose in the ER.
He was telling stories left and right.
HILARIOUS stories!
It made the 30 minute wait for the medicine go by fast.
He would say:
"Hey!! I gotta tell you something! I don't like blue anymore. I tried it. I didn't like it. I like red now. I don't like blue."
Blue what? Red what? I have NO idea.
OR this was another favorite...
"Hey!! I gotta tell you something! That boy and girl?! They are going to Chicago."
Haha. Random?? Maybe because we just passed the train station.
What a hoot.
Finally we got Drew and got home. He fell asleep pretty quickly.
But not me. I woke up at 3 a.m. sick as a dog.
Was up all night from then on.
Then Dyl wakes up. He pretty much slept all night but would constantly say in his sleep "Ouch! Ouchy!"
Once he really woke up for the day, he too starting getting sick.
All. Day. Long.
He is obviously potty trained, but we kept him in a pull up just in case the medicine made him do something funky. He went 24 hours without peeing. Not a good sign. I just knew he would be dehydrated.
Then to top it off even more, Sunday night, Drew wakes up throwing up too!!
Can we seriously catch a break?!?
By this point we pretty much had ran out of towels, sheets, covers, etc.
We were down to our very last ones.
FINALLY--everyone sleeps.
We wake up, Drew feels better, so we send him to school and take Dylan to his Orthopedic Appointment.
I just knew they were going to send him to the hospital for dehydration.
BUT--in the waiting room he drank some Sprite and munched on some chips and kept it all down!
Praise the Lord!
The Orthopedist said he would not need any surgery. There is not much you can really do with a child of Dylan's age with a clavicle fracture. He said the bone would lower itself and
How crazy, huh?!
He does however have to stay in a sling for 6 weeks.
That 6 weeks includes Halloween. :(
So...Dylan will be an INJURED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle this year! :)
Once we got home, Meme stayed with us. We took the bandage off to re-adjust him and they had some fun playing with it.

Can you tell he finally started to feel a little better?!?!
Once we took him off of the Codeine he was a new person!
Never again Codeine. Never again.
All in all...he was pretty tough through the whole thing.
He still cries anytime he is moved, but it is already getting better.
He refuses to take off his sling and freaks out when I have to adjust it again.
He also wants it constantly wrapped and likes when it is iced.
Whatever makes it feel better, he lets me do.
You can tell when it really does start to bother him because he goes from this face...
to this one...

Please still keep him in your prayers!!!
Not sure how long he will be in pain, but I hope not too long.
He really has been a trooper through this all!
He does refuse however to walk. He says "It hurts my shoulder to walk."
Poor guy.
It is like having a baby all over again. Have to keep an eye on him at all times.
I must say too...he can be a very bossy patient! ;)
But I don't mind...
I am even letting him sleep in his Dinosaur sleepers tonight! :)

Brista Barrington


  1. Thats always been one of my biggest fears too:( poor thing, I am sure he will still look adorable in his halloween costume :) sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery