Friday, September 28, 2012

Remember When...{HHS Class of 2002}

Next weekend is my High School Reunion and I am kinda excited about it!
Last week, I had Justin get out my old boxes in the attic that were full of my school things.
I have sat down for hours just going through everything.
I have found notes...including this one from my best friend, Krystal...
This sounds like one serious note.
We once wrote a whole notebook pad of a letter to one another. True story.
I also found items like this in my Grade School scrapbook..

This was the letter I was telling y'all about when I was in 2nd Grade.
I couldn't remember what I got in trouble for, but clearly I was talking.
Totally not me! I am like the shyest person on Earth!
Still to this day people think I am the rudest person because I still have some shyness in me.
Far from the truth.
I had so much fun in High School!!
Ahhh...sometimes I just want to go back!

(Krystal and I--Freshman Year)
Krystal and I were serious butt buddies Freshman Year. We dated boys that were best friends and pretty much were inseparable.
Sophomore Year--I pretty much spent my time with my High School Boyfriend. Blah....
Junior Year...Dumped that High School Boyfriend and started having some more fun! :)
Senior Year by far was the BEST! Isn't it supposed to be?!?!
It literally was so awesome.
I mean...what was I thinking for my Senior Pics?!?!
What in the heck kinda shirt is this?!

Thanks Todd Ferren for making it look like I went to school in the 70's.
Senior Year was full of FUN and FRIENDS!!


Senior Prom Girl of my favorite pictures from High School...
After Prom was always so much fun too. Do they even still have After-Prom?!?!

Then comes Graduation Day...
Such a happy and sad day.
I was so excited to be done with High School, but little did I know how much I would miss it!
These two were some of my bestest friends also.
We may not get to see other often or even talk often for that matter, but when we do get together it's like we just pick up where we left off.
I am so beyond excited to see these gals this week and catch up on what everyone else is doing in their lives too!!
I am sure there is going to be a lot of conversation that starts out...
Remember When...
{Our Senior Year High School Yearbook Theme}

I totally wish I could bring the DOG DAYS video to show at the reunion.
Or maybe we could do an encore performance?!?
I can still be Nelly and N'Sync's "Girlfriend"



Brista Barrington

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