Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's no secret...

So, it's no secret I am obsessed with my boys.

 I want to be with them 24/7. I hate leaving them. I do everything I do each and every day for them. I want to give them every single thing their little hearts dream of.

Drew is so stinkin sweet. Like, I do not think some people realize how sweet this child is. He is only 5 years old and he thinks of others before himself. He is always worried about his brother. His teacher at school says he talks about him all the time.  (Not saying they do not ever fight. I mean, come on, they are brothers! Ha.) But most of the time, honestly, this child is the sweetest kid I know.

He still loves his wrestling! He has really been into his Wii a lot lately too. He is really growing up to be an awesome little kid. I am so proud of him. He works so hard in school and makes me so happy to see how well behaved he is. When you ask him who his best friends are he says: "Mommy, Daddy, & Dylan." How sweet is that? I mean, come on?!?! We never leave one another or go to sleep without telling each other how many times we love each other.  Lately he says "Mom, I love you one million, 69 thousand, six hundred, 69, one thousand, to the left, to the right, to the moon, to infinity and beyond."

Then there is Dylan...

Doesn't he just look like a little stinker? He is! He is my little nugget. It's no secret he has a crazy personality of his own. He is always into something. Even though I hate to admit it, he is a Daddy's boy. I said it Justin. He is a Daddy's boy. This has been going on for a few months now and I have to say I am very jealous. He'll come around! ;)

He loves to do anything his brother does. He has really gotten into Drew's whole wrestling thing and loves him some diggers! Even though he is a crazy-butt naked child at home, he does really good in school. He never goes to time out. At home, he is in time out quite often, it breaks his little heart when he has to sit in a corner for 2 minutes. But he learns his lesson. With Drew counting to three worked, with Dylan time outs work. Just proof that every child is different!

Dylan gives the best hugs and kisses. And when he tells me he loves me, it makes my heart tingle!!

This past weekend these two kiddos were seriously the most photogenic kids ever. I took full advantage of their little smiles!

Even if it included basketballs in the picture. Whatever works. This is my family. I am a boy mom. There is always some kind of ball around.

And look at this!!! HUGS!!

We had a pretty busy weekend last weekend full of lots of niece and nephew activities.
I once again took full advantage of them being such great photo objects after the basketball game.

Seriously, how cute are these boys?!

Gosh darn it, I love these kids more than anything. Ya know, before I had Drew I never really knew what my purpose in life was. As soon as he was born I found out.
I was put on this Earth to be a Mommy. There is no doubt about it.
These two little boys are my life.
They are their Daddy's life.
We are so lucky to have them.
Brista Barrington


  1. Oh gosh, what adorable little boys! You can just see how much they love each other. So sweet!
    I had no idea what my purpose was until my little man arrived. Life simply would not, could not, be complete without him.

  2. Awe. How adorable! Super sweet post.

  3. These photos of your boys are SO SO sweet!!! :)