Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When you wish upon a star...

EEEEEKKK!! 30 days until Disney!

I do not know who is more excited : Me or the kids!!

I am now sharing the last pictures of our Disney recaps. This was the last time we have been to Disney. We went Summer of 2011. It hands down has been my most favorite trip by far.

Drew was the most perfect age! He was a fresh 4 year old. He hugged all the characters. He was so excited to get all their autographs. The rides were fun. He rode his first roller coaster. It was just an ahhhhmazing time for him.

Dylan was just shy of turning two, but he really enjoyed everything as well. He even gave a few of the characters some hugs. He also loved all the rides, but was too young for the roller coasters just yet.

My most favorite ride ever is the tea cups. I don't know why. I just feel like the tea cups ARE Disney to me. We got to ride with Alice. The boys thought it was the most awesome thing ever. I have to say, so did I. Who knew I would be so starstruck by Alice!

Ahhhh....the teacups. They make me so happy. We rode them over and over and over again.

We of course ate many character meals. One of Drew's favorite was at Hollywood & Vine when we were surprised to meet Special Agent Oso.

He sang, danced, did a dance train around the restaurant with Oso and the Little Einsteins. It was a blast!!

Ya know, the best thing about Disney is that kids of all ages can ride most of the rides, except for the roller coasters obviously. So Dyl was riding everything right there with us!

Animal Kingdom safari is a must! We have always did the safari's in the morning after eating breakfast at Tusker House (another must). The animals are gorgeous and the safari rides are a good time. Is it weird I usually coordinate outfits per park ?! Yeh, it is.

We had never seen the It's a Bug Life show. O.M.Gosh. Freakin' spooky. I did not like it. Neither did Drew. The cave you are in before the show is major claustrophobia area. Ew. No thanks. Never again. But we did get to wear some cute 3D glasses.

We always take FULL advantage of the Magic Hours. I remember this trip we stayed out until 1 am riding rides at Magic Kingdom. It's totally totally worth it though. You walk right onto rides that have long hour waits during the day.

Now let me tell ya about Dylan. He loves balloons. He was eyeing the big Mickey Ear balloons the whole trip. Finally, the last night we promised he could get one. Best $10 we have ever spent.

Look at the smile on that face behind the balloon. Best souvenir ever.

He also loved his new Mickey ears. I mean, could Mickey get any stinkin' cuter?!

Another must that we always do is Chef Mickey's: Dinner with Mickey & all his friends.

This is by far my favorite picture of Drew from the trip. He just looks like he is having such a magical, fun time!

We are so excited to get back. All dinner reservations are booked. We are trying out some new things this time around and we are staying at the new Art of Animation Resort.

I am so excited to see the whole new Fantasyland princess area. I love me some Beauty & the Beast, so I will be so pumped to see their castle.

I vowed this time to take some more pictures. The husband is probably thinking, "oh geez, great!"

Just 30 more days! 30 more days!

Brista Barrington

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