Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life Lately...

Once again catching up on scrapbooking my life. See, writing is so much easier than cutting out little pieces of paper and decorating a page. But I still can not keep to stay caught up. I have had plenty of excuses lately in my life for being so behind on things.

Right now I am staring at a huge pile of Lego's in the middle of my bedroom floor. My house is covered in toys and I really have no desire to pick up or clean anything. Looks like my weekend is going to be filled with lots of cleaning!

Dylan started his first sport a few weeks ago. Soccer. I just knew he would be the one ruling the field throwing kids left and right, but surprisingly he was not.

First game he scored three goals. Then he scored three goals probably the rest of the season combined. Ha. One game he was more interested in just hanging in the goal than playing. The goal literally fell on top of his at least once. He hopped up and said "that was so funny" with a huge smile on his face. That only happened one game because Daddy told him if he did that anymore he couldn't play.

Also during the first game big brother, Drew, decided he was on verge of a panic attack on the sidelines. He would run up and down and up and down that field following Drew coaching him. It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Seeing improvement from the first game to last is always so fun. Dylan was hard core "i have to get down to play goalie when the other team has the ball."

Overall it was a great season and he enjoyed it a lot. He would always get dressed hours before his games. He was so eager to play.

Love this picture of him and his friend, Bentley.

Drew is also about to wrap up his second football season.

He is so little I do not know how long he will play or if he will play in the future which makes me sad because football is my favorite sport to watch, but honestly on the other hand after seeing his very first game I almost pulled him out of the sport completely. My goodness. It was a wild game. I wanted to pad him up in gear.

As long as he loves to play then we'll let him keep on playing.

This year has been a year of our friend's turning 30 and we celebrated a friend of mine's 30th by renting a party bus. Oh my goodness. So.Much.Fun.

It was one of those nights that take you back to the college days then you wake up the next day and think I can't be acting like that I am a Mommy. Haha. But it was so much fun!!!

 At the end of September we had a big surprise dinner planned for my Mom. We told her it was for her birthday, however, little did she know the whole family was in on an engagement proposal.

Except, someone changed the plans while I was in the restroom with my Mother and failed to tell me when I had the main line. But that's another story, another day. Ha.

The proposal went great and it was very special. So glad I got to be a part of this night. Kelly is an amazing man and my Mom has never seemed so happy.

 Last week was Homecoming. I just love our town's little events we have. I do miss home all the time and get super jealous of those adding pictures to Facebook all decked out in purple and white. Things are done just a little different (or I think better) for Homecoming in Harrisburg and some days it makes me sad to think my kids will not get to do things I did growing up. However, Carterville has become home to us and I have learned to wear my orange and blue proudly.

Drew started off his morning having breakfast with one of his favorite high school football players. This made his day.

I spent the morning volunteering in Drew's class at school. Then that afternoon met him downtown to watch the parade.

Later that night we took the kids to football game. I gotta say, it was wild and crazy how many kids were there, but they had a total blast.

The next night we attended Justin's 10 year reunion while our nephew headed out to his first high school homecoming.

Does life ever slow down? I mean really, does it? I just need a few more hours in my day. Why is sleep so essential? It would be so much easier if I did not have to sleep. How do others only get like 5-6 hours of sleep a night? I have to have at least 8 and I really like more than that.

With all the loss and tragedies I have been struck with this year, I just knew God was going to give me a break soon. Instead, our pets are now suffering.

Drew' fish passed last week. No idea why. Just all of a sudden he did not move.

Then Duke got attacked the other day and I had to take him to the animal hospital. Wow. Yes, I took my cat to the hospital. Never would have thunk it. Really tho, it was so pitiful. It was breaking my heart to pieces. I was talking to him in the room like I would talk to my child. Thank goodness vets have love for animals otherwise they would think I was some kind of crazy cat lady.

He had a good big scratch on his back and whatever attacked him (which I am assuming were stray cats because they were swarming my house when I left for work) also scratched his eye. So it's scratched and infected and I have to put antibiotic drops in his three times a day.

Duke. My third child. Oh goodness.

That's about all that has been going down in the Barrington household.

We are having our Halloween Boo Bash next weekend and it's extra special because it is also my 30th birthday celebration!!!

I'm expecting Nelly to attend. We shall see.

Brista Barrington

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