Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday Night Raw...

We all know our family is obsessed with wrestling.

 I have even jumped on the bandwagon. 

First of all, John Cena?! If you knew everything he did for charities and the armed forces you would love him too. Then comes along Total Divas on E! I mean, hello, I already do not have enough reality television to watch ya know.

I was so excited when the WWE added a date to St. Louis. Dylan has not been to any kind of event yet and I knew that tickets would be an awesome birthday present for him.

So yesterday was finally the day and we headed out for a fun night as a family. I love to do things with just our little family of four.

Of course Dylan's little stylish self blessed us with a quite cool outfit....and facial expressions.

Drew was so excited for his little brother. Hearing him ask Dylan if he was excited for his first Monday Night Raw was so darn cute. 


I just love that they have such a passion and love for something, even if it is wrestling. I have grown to love it as well. It's such a fun great atmosphere and a very kid friendly atmosphere as well. And even though you may think "I can't believe she lets her little kids watch that stuff", the WWE does so many things to help others it's so heart warming. The are always doing something with some kind of organization whether it be anti-bullying, breast cancer, etc. It's not all about the wrestling.

While it may look like all hard core wrestling, it also teaches kids how to help others, which I love. 

And if you have never been to a big WWE Event, my goodness. There really is nothing better. The crowd is so into it. The way each wrestler comes out with their own introduction is just so fun to watch. Dylan was so into it the whole time I do not even think he went to the restroom once. At a Cardinal Game? We get out of our seats at least 30 times. Ha.


Our original seats were pretty good seats. We were right where all the wrestlers walked in and only about 18 rows up from the ground. However, we were at a point where we could not see the big screen. We noticed that across the way from us there were so many empty seats, so Justin suggested we switch sides. Being the rule follower, that I am I was scared for my life. Ha.

But then I got in trouble for using my big camera by the usher and she kept stalking me like I was seriously doing something wrong and told me she was going to take my camera away. So, I was totally ready to move from this angry person.

However, I got scared again. Justin walked all the way down to the 1st row people. 1st row!! Like, is that not noticeable or what? I kept telling him I felt so uncomfortable like everyone was staring at us knowing we were not in our seats and the usher lady seen me from across the way. So I went to ask the other usher if we could sit there. Yep, I'm ridiculous I know. But I do not like to break the rules. She told us we were totally fine and she did not care at all. So, 1st row it was!!!

We were so close at this point we could see every detail of the wrestlers. Pictures do not even do it justice how close we were. 

Just in time for Mommy to see the Bella Twins and the Funkadactals!

I can not even explain how much fun these kids have. Let me just show you a couple of pictures that mostly consist of blurry arms because they were cheering the whole time.

I wish I had better quality pictures than just my phone pictures. What kind of rule is that camera rule anyways?? So silly.

Dylan's 1st trip to a WWE event was a huge success! He loved it. Of course, Drew still loves it as well.
This weekend we are seeing the WWE in Carbondale, just a few minutes from our town with some friends. 
Two WWE events in less than a week? Do I get an awesome Mom award for attending all these things or what? 

Brista Barrington

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