Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Weekend Celebration

Ohhhhhhh, y'all. 
I so wanna be on vacation right now. 
One of my friends just got back from a cruise in the Caribbean and the other is in Jamaica and I am so beyond jealous of their time away and clear beach views.
I wanna go like s.t.a.t.

Why are the holidays always so stressful? One of my other friends (ha, I have lots of friends) calls it Stress-mas. And stress-mas is right.

Christmas used to be my favorite time of the year. Now, it just stresses me out. Too many places to go, too many people to see. Always go, go, go. 

Never enough time to just sit and enjoy the time with family.

I just wish all of my family both Justin and my side could just all vacation together for a week and celebrate together with no interruptions, no we have to get home, we have a drive, etc. But unfortunately, life doesn't work like that. So wish it did.

And this year to top it all off for us, Dylan and I ended up sick. He tested positive for Influenza A the Monday before Christmas. This was after a week of me struggling with sickness. 

I sound very un-thankful for my family time, which is so opposite. I am probably THE most family oriented out of everyone in my family, but Christmas is just so darn busy! I think we all could agree on that.
I like family time away from Christmas time! :)

My kids are so blessed to have three sets of grandparents. My Mom and her fiance, My Dad and Step-Mom, and Justin's parents.
 They all spoil them with gifts, gifts, and more gifts.

We  celebrate Christmas with my side of the family the weekend before Christmas. We spend a day with my Dad and a day with my Mom.

Like I said, unfortunately, I was feeling like complete poop the whole weekend. I could tell Dylan was starting to come down with it too. So we dressed Saturday like we had just rolled out of bed. See, that's the thing about family they won't judge ya when you roll in with yoga pants on and an extra large reindeer tee and my children dressed in sweatpants and t-shirts. :)

I know at my Dad's Christmas, I laid in the floor for over a good hour still trying to enjoy the festivities and hold conversation trying to not pass out.

The next day we drove back over to Harrisburg to celebrate Christmas with my Mom. 
I had woke up feeling like I was on the road to recovery, finally!

It was a long traveling weekend, but whatever may happen at these family festivities I am always thankful that I DO have a family that I can spend the holidays with, stressful or not.

On with the pics...

Brista Barrington

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