Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Life Lately...

Life Lately?

Well, is it 2014 yet?

I said at the beginning of this year that 2013 that this was going to be a bad year. And I was SO right.

It's like my family keeps getting bad news after bad news after bad news.

From my Dad's accident July 5, to my Grandpa's passing last week days before my sister's wedding.

I was so behind on laundry from not being home that Drew told me his underwear drawer was empty and he was out of clean underwear. Yes, that bad

In fact, I probably should not be sitting here at this computer writing, however, I just need a little break. Well, okay, I do not NEED one. What I really need to be doing is cleaning my awfully gross house and doing laundry. But Drew has enough underwear to last a few days, so I think I'm good. :)

How could a Mommy let this cute face go without no undies??

Last Tuesday my Step-Grandpa passed away suddenly. So I spent the week with my family. Even though we had to all get together under such horrible circumstances, we actually had ALL of my cousins together at once. I could not tell you the last time this has happened. I truly really hope we can all see each other again in happier times.

Right after the funeral we had to somehow get into "wedding mode" for my sister's wedding rehearsal. Literally just hours later.

Her wedding was Saturday and what an emotional day it was. First of all, she was the most gorgeous bride. Truly, truly was. Mean it from the bottom of my heart.

We wore purple flowers in our hair in honor of my Grandpa who just passed.

One of the best parts about the day was seeing my Dad walk her down the aisle. He was not sure if he was going to be able to. In fact, the Doctors said at the time of the accident he would probably still be in a wheelchair at this time, BUT, he wasn't and he not only made it walking her down the aisle, he also got to dance the Father-Daughter dance.

I can not wait to see her pictures and recap the day! Her photographer was with us for over 12 hours. All day long. Who does that? For real. She was ahhhmazing. I did not get hardly any pictures at all on my camera. However, I did get this little guy doing the spinarooni...

He spinaroonied ALL night long people. I'm not a kidding either. This white under shirt he is wearing was black at the end of the night.

It really was a great, fun day for all!

I have so so so much more to catch up on, but no time to edit pictures.

This little fishing obsessed guy turns FOUR on Friday.

I just really can not believe it has been FOUR years. Wow. Wow. Wow. Really. Wow.

We are headed to Grandpa Bruce's on Saturday for a fishing party. I was not going to have a party at all and told him that and it broke his little heart, so here I am in party mode cramming things in last minute.

So excited to see how much this little man grows up this next year...

Don't ya love that ornery smile?!?!

Brista Barrington

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