Monday, May 12, 2014

Drew's 7th Birthday Recap {Horseback Riding}

We woke up Saturday Morning and the first thing Drew said was:

"Mom. It's my birthday today."

 In the most soft, sleepy voice ever.
I'm pretty sure he is was still asleep while he was talking. Ha.

The boys were supposed to have baseball games that morning, but were canceled due to the weather. A few days before Drew had mentioned he wanted to have some fried chicken for his birthday dinner. 
If this does not scream growing up I do not know what does. 
He could have picked Chuck E Cheese....
So I thought Giant City Lodge would be a great place to take him!

This child had 5 pieces of chicken breasts. He can eat fried chicken like no other. It is so bizarre.  This little child who eats like a bird downs the fried chicken. Who knew?!?!

We ordered some ice cream for the boys. I asked the waitress if she could add a few extra toppings or something special to his ice cream for his birthday.

To my surprise she had the whole lodge sing Happy Birthday to him. 

I quickly turned on my video on my phone to record and got tears in my eyes. 
That was so so so sweet of the lady to help make him feel special. 
I wanted the day to be all about Drew and she helped make that happen.

After we ate we tried to climb the tower, but made it 1/2 way up and all four of us got scared and turned around. Ha. 

While we were driving out to the lodge I noticed a stable that offered horse rides, so on the way back we stopped to see if the boys could ride some horses.

Wow. Best idea I've had in a long time.
They absolutely LOVED it and wanted to do it over and over again.

His family birthday celebration could not have turned out any more perfect!! 

And here we go with the pictures... :) 


Brista Barrington

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