Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately...

Catching up life again through pictures...

Dylan has wrapped up his Soccer season finally. That was one cold soccer season. But it is all so worth it to see him having so much fun playing.
We celebrated my nephew, Chandler's birthday and stayed at my Mom's for a weekend while Daddy was gone.
We got to have a play date with Meme AND my friend Krystal and Ryder at the park while we were in town!
We also celebrated Dylan's buddy, Gavin's, birthday.
I, of course, wobbled some time in between these dates...
Drew started baseball. He is seriously the cutest little ball player. I just love love love it.
We painted some Mother's Day pots with friends...
And one of the happiest things the boys have done lately is turkey hunting with Grandpa.

My oh my, these boys LOVE to hunt!
They had went hunting with my Dad before but they have never stayed the night at the farm with him to get up super duper early to get into the woods. So, of course, I was a nervous wreck. But I made it! And they are all still in one piece! Lol.

The boys got up at 4 am!!!!

Which meant this was happening at 6:30 that night...
Good thing though because Justin had me working his basketball tournament so I was just as worn out as they were.

I had some super cute helpers to help me work.
So, life has been pretty crazy busy lately. As always. 

This week we are celebrating Drew's 7th Birthday!!

Can not believe he is going to be SEVEN!!

Can't wait to party it up! :)

Brista Barrington

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