Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter 2014 Recap...

We had a fantastic Easter. It actually kind of sneaked up on me. 

I think as the kids get older I do not feel the need to "go all out" anymore. Maybe it is because I am more frugal these days? Whatever it is, I'm not complaining and neither are the kids. 

Justin and I are the type of parents who buy things ALL year long. We like the spoil our kids. We like to treat them to things all year long, not just special holidays. We are very forunate we are able to do this. So when big holidays come around, I am always at a loss at what to get them. 

This year was simple though: Scooby Doo WWE Wrestling movie for Dylan and a new wrestling ring for Drew with some chocolate. 

Easy peasy. 

The week before Easter we had breakfast with the Easter Bunny with super cute bunny pancakes.

We spent Easter morning at home hunting Easter eggs and going through every.single.egg. One.By.One.

Then we headed off to my Mema's where we always have a fabulous time. The adults have so much fun with the adult Easter egg hunt.

Then we were off to my Mother's for some more Easter Egg hunting.

Then we were off to Justin's parents for even some more Easter Egg hunting.

Whew. I was more exhausted this Easter from all the running around than I have ever been at Christmas!! :)

Here's the day in pictures...

Brista Barrington

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