Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have to admit when Drew started this whole obsession with wrestling, I was not very amused.

Wrestling? Really, Drew?

However, he gets it from his Daddy. Justin and his friends were big wrestling guys when they were little. In fact, Justin's mother still has all of Justin's old wrestling figurines and ring. Drew plays with them every single time he goes to his Ba and Pawee's house.
Last year we surprised Drew with a trip to Monday Night Raw. Never in my life I had ever seen him SO HAPPY! This is when I decided all this wrestling madness was okay. Whatever makes him light up the way he did that night is just fine and dandy with me!

I thought it would be a great idea to get him tickets to Monday Night Raw again this year for his birthday. Little did I know this would also please the husband so much. Apparently I bought tickets not to just any Monday Night Raw, but the 1000th Episode of Monday Night Raw!
We had a great night! This child was cracking me up! He was yelling at the wrestlers, dancing, screaming, holding up his sign, cheering! I think I sat there and stared at him the pretty much the whole time.

Before we left home he was so excited to make a sign to hold up! Of course, Mommy wanted to make it look somewhat decent, however, Drew was set on making his own, so I let him draw on the back.

Drew started out in his black John Cena gear with like 6 wristbands total on his arms. I swear, this child had 4 wardrobe changes throughout the night.

Oufit #1
John Cena Purple

Outfit #2
Rey Mysterio

Outfit #3
The Cobra Guy

Outfit #4
John Cena Green

Hey, whatever makes him happy. He was having a blast. I mean look at him cheering here. It's like Justin and I weren't even there.

(You can see his little stick people wrestlers on his sign here! Hehe!)

And did I mention how excited my husband was? Yes, I did. He was like a little kid when DX came out. Apparently DX was the one who created the "Suck It" that we all used to do when we were little. This "suck it" consist of crossing your arms over your...well ya know what I mean!

Drew caught on to this little madness they did. Normally, this would be a "No, No!", BUT, I was the cool Mom who let him do it for the night.

If you have never been to a wrestling match, they really are a blast! Such great energy. The crowd is so loud and wild. They are some dedicated fans. I would much rather go to a WWE match than a baseball, football, soccer, or basketball game.

PLUS--Who doesn't want to see THE ROCK with his shirt off?

When he yells "Do you smeellll what the Rock is cooking?!", it just gives you goosebumps!!

Until next Monday Night Raw......


I also would like to add that Drew had some major separation anxiety from his brother. We weren't even to St. Louis and he was asking to call him because he missed him. It was so sweet.

Wonder where he gets that from?!?!

Brista Barrington

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